"Is it a lie????? " poetry by @medras. Entry for Friday Poeamchallenge

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is it a lie ??

do we care about each other?
is this will continue forever ?

steemit Facebook Twitter
same thing with different letters

honestly never liked it however
I use this because it give dollar

I'm not poet nor writer
I'm just a weak fighter
want my worries feel lighter
hope post after post my life get brighter :(

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Good luck


i feel bored from steemit
Its so corrupted
I feel it wasn't made to be used like this

okay i read your post.... but if you are looking for people to vote you, may be you should try to buy your votes


Nope i don't want others upvote
I'm just letting u see that steem isn't different from other social media
Its even more corrupted

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Strong one and full of expression. Thank you. My congratulation my friend ;)))



Thanks very much :)

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