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Hello my Steemians. In poetry I am looking for understanding and explaining the complicated and confused world of feelings.

First of all I would like to say thank you to all of you who were participating in the Challenge and also those who were interested in poemchallenge. I am delighted with your interest in poetry that shows how beautiful hearts and souls are among us. :)


The words that spoke to my heart and stirred my emotions.



"To my mother especially"



"I praise the beauty of the woman who breastfeeds,
I praise the breasts of the woman who as a child wrapped me in her arms.
I love the woman who guided my steps since childhood,
I love his dedication so much that he had for me,
We looked like two loving friends,
That I never felt of her rejection.
I praise and love the woman who with her now white hair,
I sit by his side to give me advice,
And his noble heart is torn from his chest for me, even though he is far away.
I love his sweetness so much,
That I do not finish praising her greatness as a mother.
Even when my father left early,
I saw her work hard,
Nothing could be missing,
I can not make you guilty of anything".







"Today a poet was born but a love died, the letters of fire are just the remains of a fire, of a hut in a burning cabin that kept everything, there is nothing left, ashes and memories scattered in the wind, in the air, on the floor and in my head; I am sweating sins as a prostitute, claiming crimes as a prisoner, and sometimes, I assume the role of victim to balance my axis, so as not to break me. I claimed the time but we made the passes, we understood, we agree that the first culprit was me, and the second and third, saying that you are free of all guilt, you took the wise and logical decision to stay away from the problems.
Today I live life calmly, without hurry, I always have time to think, but sometimes that becomes a great impasse, everything is in danger of extinction, the plans, the skill, the bohemian, the loved ones, everything is in danger of extinction and, once far away they do not return, time devours them, and although we already made the passes he and I, it is still cruel and sour.

We both know for sure and open-heartedly that our last conversation changed everything, in the end, every torpedo that you launched fulfilled its purpose, to break, if you even apologize saying that it was not your purpose, we would have to look back and take into account all the damage suffered before, the glass was already very cracked, this was your final blow of revenge, the fall of the king, your checkmate, the thrust.

If one day you read me, do not answer, do not bother to write, do not bother to appear, a while ago you went away, if one day you hear me you can decide to cover your ears, and that will be fine, and if one day you see me, by mere chance or coincidence, you are not forced to say anything, shut up, do not say hello, you can pretend that you do not know me, say you do not know me, assure me, and if you want ... you can laugh at this too, I do not care anymore, even so I do not wish you ill, somehow I tell you... I understand you".






"I'm going to be a mom"

How many times in the wind your name I wanted to scream,
but I understood at the moment that I could not find out;
Today I can only remember the times I missed you,
At school, in the park and at every dawn;
Every time those children said happy "mom, mom,"
I felt my heart sobbing without ceasing;
That's how my years went by I can not deny it,
That still in my nights I dream of being able to hug her;
Today I only ask God since I am going to be a mother,
May the story of this girl never repeat itself.



I hope you enjoy reading these poems as much as I did. I'd like to invite you to next PoemChallenge next Friday, open the wing and write my dear friends.

I hope you have enjoyed !!!

Thank you for visiting and support my work. My heart is deeply appreciate .


Copyright ยฉ 2017 by margaretwise , All Rights Reserved

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Congratulatins all of you who are selected! Poerty can lead our souls to high......love you all!

The emotions that lie in us are most often expressed in poetry. Thank you my friend :)

Congrats my dear on the great choice! :)

Thank you very much :)

oh @margaretwise, as I read my post my instincts want to cry, because remembered the love of a mother so big for her child, I agree with you, I also love my mother, especially now I am pregnant old, I can feel how hard my mother when she pregnant , success is always for you friends.

Wonderful words my dear. I have tears in my eyes :)

My utmost gratitude and joy for obtaining the first place in this brilliant and beautiful poetic contest, extending my congratulations to the classmates who were winners of the second and third places. In the same way to @margaretwise for being the organizer of the contest. I want to express that I enjoyed the composition and the joy of writing to a special being like my mother.

Poetry is expressed by the emotions that are in us. Your poetry has brought me closer to my childhood and all the priceless values that have been passed down by my parents. Thank you friend :)

A great honor that my little writing have been worthy of recognition, even though there were so many beautiful words surrounding him, thanks for this :) Congratulations to the third and first place, and congratulations @margaretwise for making and keeping alive one of the most important and beautiful competitions of steemit, "live the art and the poem".

Poetry is expressed by the emotions that are in us. Thank you my friend :)

I was touched by this poem,Our parents are everything to their children.
They never complain in educating us and taking care of us from childhood to adulthood like this.
Both parents are everything in my life.

I agree with you ... it was a beautiful poem, he managed to write what can not be valvused so easily, those words also moved me.

Poetry is expressed by the emotions that are in us. His poetry has brought me closer to my childhood . Thank you my friend for your kind words :)

your welcome.
the poem can sometimes make our hearts soft, and cry.

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great post, my dear friend @margaretwise,appreciate the fine and talented work,this post #upvote and #comment all time,thanks for share,

Thank you ;)

One way to represent Margaretwat is to not be allowed to do it in any way, or we will pick up

Every poem touched the emotional aspect of life its way beyond our imagination thanks for sharing :)

The same here. I was deeply touched.

appreciate the fine and talented work!!

Thank you :)

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