Breathing Still - Poem Challenge by @margaretwise

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I found this poem today that I wrote and posted when I first joined Steemit. Few people were reading my posts then so, as part of the road to return to more creativity on my part, I decided to post it for @margaretwise's poem challenge.

(Margaret - Please ignore if it's not appropriate 😊).

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Breathing Still

I pitched straight into emptiness
When they told me you were dead,
Whispering among themselves
Too young, too soon, they said.

I barely heard their mutterings
All substance ebbed away.
I stood there, just an empty shell
All colour turned to grey.

There were no words to comfort me.
I was no longer there.
No arms could hold my crumbling soul,
The truth too much to bear.

For many months as time stood still
I held myself apart.
I let my spirit fade away
To ease my aching heart.

'til slowly, gently, life returned
My soul began to fill.
My love for you returned to flame
And found me breathing still.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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@gillianpearce, this poem is beautifully written. Thanks for sharing so openly. Grief is one of the hardest experiences in life. But I am glad in the last stanza your soul started to fill up again.


Thank you @sumatranate. It was a long time ago but none the less poignant to revisit.

Thanks for visiting and for leaving a thoughtful comment. 💙

Very moving poem straight from the heart! what a beautiful picture you paint in our minds of recovery fro grief. Great image too!


Thank you @dmcamera. Good to see you back! 😊

thank you for visiting and leaving a comments.


You are welcome!

Very sad and very touching. You can express your feelings very well in poetry @gillianpearce 😊


Thank you @starjewel. it's not something I do very often these days. 😊

you sure have a way with words and write wqonderful and emotianal poetry keep them coming


Thank you @tattoodjay. It's not something I do very often. In fact that's all I've done for years. 😊


Well personally i think you need to do more :)

wow Gillian lots of emotion!


Yep. I got a bit tearful again when I was typing it out @sjarvie5. It always catches me by surprise how things from the distant past can still be so deeply felt in the moment.


who did you write it about?


My brother @sjarvie5. 😢


oh so hard, bless you.

Beautiful poem friend..
i like this.. thanks for sharing...

Emotions were intertwined with reality
My veins are braided
And they squeezed in my throat.
Tears followed in silence

Unbelievable writing my friends. Thank you very much and Congratulations on the creative pen filled with beautiful simplicity as well as the depth to which you should drown.


Nicely written poem. I enjoyed reading it.


Glad you liked it @jacey.boldart. Thanks for stopping by. 😊