It's on. June 1. Incursion League. Still hardcore, 3 day race, prize pool increased to 160 steem. Free entry. No resteem required.

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Path of Exile is incredible. It's totally free to download and play, and purchases only confer cosmetic benefits, so success is all about skill.

This league looks insane. Sort of a Butterfly Effect, time travel vibe.

Countdown timer - Here

I'm slimming it down from a 7 day comp to 3 days, and I'll be awarding 20 steem to the highest ranked character in each class



There'll be an additional 20 steem awarded to the highest level character overall.
If two or more players have evenly leveled characters, the prize will be split evenly.

If a character has died, the level they achieved is irrelevant.
The higher you go, the more you have to lose.
If you're way out in front it may even be worth resting them and starting a backup character.

Click here to sign up and get practicing for the main event.
Take note of your account name and make sure you've unticked the privacy options.
Home tab>My Account>Privacy Settings (on the right hand side of the page)
We need to track your progress publicly. (See my account/characters here.)

You'll want to create a new character.
Make sure you choose the red, "Hardcore" banner or your char will be softcore; which isn't suitable for grown ups and wins nothing. Their name should start with "SHR_"

If your character dies, that's obviously a setback, but you can start again with somebody new.
It may seem that others have an unassailable lead, but they can die too.
It's quite possible that a mad dash for the finish line may be the undoing of one or many of your competitors.

If you're equipped to record and/or stream, please do so.
Use the tag #poecomp when posting. (Assuming you have time to post)

Glorious deaths are bittersweet and better shared.
I've been there. I miss them too.


To enter;

Post your intention to compete, using #poecomp as the first tag.
Tell us about yourself. Are you a grizzled veteran, or an eager newcomer?
Will you be dealing physical damage up close and personal, or raising an army of the dead to fight on your behalf?
Will you lay traps, mines and totems to outwit the enemy, or stick 'em with poisoned arrows from a distance?
Are you going to charge headlong into each level, or take it slow and stay alive?
Will you check the other accounts, and choose an under-represented character, or forge on with your favourite?

Let's get this party started, people. Valhalla's not going to fill itself


Oh man, I'm really hyped for this league but these events make it so much better! I'm sure it's gonna be even better than the bestiary league was, also it's gonna be a little more grindy in 3 days :P I really look forward to this, good luck to all the participants!

P.S: i'm watching you @beercake :D

You have a really good chance at winning this time because I will be flat out drunk the first day and I wont be able to play till the end either :D But I'll try to give me best :D

We will have to see how being indoors does for people. I swear the PoE community are all 100% Claustrophobia. Some changes in movement speed might have to be in order.

It does look like they are trying to make up for Bestiary league so it better be great! All I know is I've been having a blast in the May Flashback event.

Maybe this time i'll finish on the board :)

Totally enjoying the flashback event. While leagues are great, what I really loved were the race events. One of the things that makes these competitions great, but it's been nice to have the flashback in between too. And all the chaos that has been bringing! So much of everything

I’ve never done any of their short term races I don’t think. I was hoping they bring back battle royal during the downtime. There perhaps still time for them to do that. I did not have time for that one day they brought it out.

This upcoming league however looks amazing! I can’t wait for further details to come out from all the possible rooms that can occur while inside. I think it will do a very good job at mixing things up with how many options there could be.

Yeah, quite looking forward to it.
With the races, I spent a couple of seasons actively participating in as many of the races as I could be awake for, but that was back when I was still at uni and had time

Awwww hell yeah and awwww Shiiit!
June 1st is my birthday and I will be out getting hella drunk :D
I don't think I can win this time. But I think I will try and participate anyways :D
Thank you so much for the 3 day format. It is so much more manageable for folks with with jobs.
Good luck to all participants!

It'll be interesting to see how the changes affect the competitors' choices.
Looks like Incursion has a bit of depth, so I'm sure 3 days will only be scratching the surface.

Yeah, I wonder if people will play it more safe since there is less time to reroll or will go all in and risk it all on one shot :D
Well there is nothing stopping to continue playing afterwards .

I would say that give rest of us a chance. But I think some bigger players could be getting in on this one. I've noticed some lurkers who seem to level rather fast and have played PoE in the past. Perhaps this time they will see this and get in on the action!

May the best gamer Win!

As a time traveling cat I’m all bout that traveling back in time.

I had many rips last time. I look forward to many more as I seek glory this time!

I created an account buddy @mattclarke
I install the game just now.. wait for gaming contest


Excellent. Take your time. Get plenty of practice in. Get some cool screenshots and post your entry before the 1st.

Okay bro.. I will try my best...
Now time for gaming...
Where i post my screenshot @mattclarke ??

They'll look good in your entry post. You don't have to post screenshots, but showing you're creative is a great way to win followers.

How'd you go, @prince121? Not long now. Are you jumping in?

I'm downloading this now. I will give this a go.
That's a massive prize.

Great engagement too. Announcement and progress posts tend to pull in good support.
Stream your gameplay if you're set up for it.
@holoz0r streamed almost all of his gameplay last time, with commentary. Fun to watch :)

It's a large game so it's still downloading. I will have to see about setting up streaming of games on here. I should check out his gameplay.

How'd you get on, @shaidon? Just pulling together the entries now. Can we expect an entry?

#poecomp. Yes, you can expect an entry. I will probably play a Shadow character. I already have a character set up for messing around to learn the game, but I have yet to set up a character for the competition.

I didn't think we were allowed to start early, so I didn't want to disqualify myself. I have the program up and running so it should be fairly sweet.
I'll set up a character tonight. I will hopefully see you tomorrow at the meetup.

Excellent :)
You can't start an Incursion League char until the league launches.
So nobody will have a head start. I look forward to seeing your post, and your smiling face tomorrow evening.
Feel like it's going to be a bumper crowd.

OK cool. I wasn't sure how it was going to work. I am not sure how I am able to stream video from my computer yet (my internet speed probably wouldn't be able to handle it anyway).


To get in, make sure you write a standalone post with poecomp as the first tag, and a link to your account (which needs the privacy settings corrected)

Last league/comp was about 3 months ago.
He got a few juicy upvotes from memory.

ahaan huge prize.
can i take part in it?
what are the system requirements to install this game.

You're welcome to play, Abdul, and I'd like to see you do well.
You can get started here -
I can't find the system requirements listed anywhere.
If you have plenty of internet data, might be best to just try and see how you go.

yoo man!
My monthly Internet usage is round about 580 GB.
Is there any investment needed to play ?

None at all. Download of the game is entirely free. Entry into the comp is free.
All it'll cost you is electricity and sleep :)

as far as sleep concerns :p I'm an owl :p

2 questions. 1) Online version? Where? Okay, 3 questions: Mac support for download? Thanks!!

There's only one version, persistent online. I'm sure it's Mac compatible.
It's so good.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I'll be back again. Just another post to my list of ones to make.

Don't take to long you only have 15 days 9 hours to declare! Let's smoke them this time.

Hrm, a character that turns things to smoke... Maybe some utilization of the fire focused spells. Burn it all!

I just want to thank Mattclarke SOOO much for posting on my post to check this out cause i didn't know that there was a #poecomp community on here. So Thanks again Mattclarke!!

It's only our second one, but the previous race was a great time.
The more the merrier :)

Hey guys is there a spot we should be posting our live streams for poe? Like a community of poe players that want to hang out and play poe/watch poe together? More specifically a tag that we can put in our streams that puts us in that category? and i dont mean just for the event that you guys are putting on i mean in general, for after the event as well?

Excellent question. I'm not aware of one. @holoz0r?
You getting in on this race, spiralmaster?

i really wish i could honestly, but i am getting married june 2nd :D so I probably wont be able to do well in it haha :D

Stressful game, I will try to get it, this game can trigger our [email protected]

Dayum time to cry some more :) I still have some PTSP leftovers from the last comp.

Well the good news is you can't bring anything with you to a fresh league! Get a few deaths out of the way a couple days before hand and have an amazing time!

Can we expect to see an entry from you, @moon32walker?

Can we expect to see an entry from you, @moon32walker?

Definitely I'll be joining.

This is pretty cool. I am resteeming this.

Great initiative contest.. @mattclarke
A large amount of prize... I wanna join this contest...
I am count down...

great.! sounds like an awesomw game! have to play this game! thnks for share @mattclarke

Wow! This is my first time seeing your blog and I am a crazy game freak. I like to try my hands with this too.

Get some practice in. It's a pretty fierce competition :)

Alright man!

I'm so interested in this, but I don't understand it completely.
Can you help me understand what I have to do to participate ?

Hello :)
You'll need access to a computer with internet for the first few days of June.
Go to and sign up for a free account and free download of the game.
Play it for a few hours.
If you'd then like to compete, write a post, using #poecomp as the first tag, and include your pathofexile account name.

Thank you. So nice of for putting up details for me.
Do I have to update scores or something too and what else ?

If I have your account name and you've unticked the 'set profile as private' box, I'll be able to monitor your progress and know who the winners are.

Ohh that quite sums it up.
I will just get started then. When is the contest going to start ?

The countdown timer can be seen here.

Hey @wa2qr. How did you go, mate? Can we expect an entry from you?

I'm so sorry brother. Kind of stuck with my exams. Not possible for me. Thanks though

Awesome a game with a prize!im in!

I'm so glad I checked you profile to see if you will be doing another one of these. I am most excited for this challenge.
Hope I'm not too late to the party Mr. @MattClarke.
I'll be doing my Entry Post as soon as I get home. :)