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Joel Salatin

Hello, sweet Stemians. You are the first to get a hold of this podcast (unless you are a subscriber and it already is in your podcatcher.)

I am taking a short break from working (on the computer) by playing (on the computer). :) Here with you all.

I always forget how long it takes to edit a full hour episode - especially if it is an interview. But listening to Joel over and over again was a joy.

If you don't know who Joel Salatin is then you probably are not much around farmers, homesteaders and permaculture people. In my opinion, Joel Salatin is the most famous farmer in America today.

He not only has been building an amazingly successful farm which supports several generations of his family, he also wrote 12 books and is a frequent speaker at conferences and other gatherings.

And he is fun!! I had asked for an hour and really wanted to respect his time, but boy, I would have loved for our conversation to go on and on and on.

Anyway, I have to get back to work and write a blog post for our website and create some graphics. I have to be honest with you. Since spending more time on this platform, I have neglected out other social media account. Sadly, that is still where many of our listeners are hanging out and I have to go and visit them.

Maybe tomorrow, I have a longer article about Joel Salatin for you.


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I read his book 'Folks this ain't normal'. What an eye-opener! I am a big believer in Salatins' message. I wish more farmers here in New Zealand would hear this. I have reposted for more people to see! :D

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what a article....!
Thanks for sharing the video with us.
I've resteemed your post!

Joel Salatin was on your show- woww! I am not a homesteader so I don't follow his work, but I love his inspirational words and his motivational strategies. He has some great stuff to share with everyone. Going to listen to this.

Yay!1 Please do!! I love him!! So much fun to talk to.

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thank you, gaman!!!