Be the Show Podcast – Uncovering the Personalities behind the Posts (Episode 3 @kennyskitchen)

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I first connected with Kenny Palurintano back in July 2016 when I just started out on the Steemit platform. I began running a Hidden Gems series, in an effort to showcase some undiscovered writers before the Curie Project started to do so in earnest. After Rainbowfest, Kenny and I found some time to connect for an interview about four weeks ago.

If one were to select a phrase to define Kenny, it would be conscious intention. In the interview, it becomes very clear he is a strong advocate of living a conscious life. He has a number of projects promoting conscious living and among those projects are his Conscious Musicians Series and his Conscious Eaters Guide. It was refreshing to speak with someone who focuses so deeply on embodying what he preaches.

In this episode of Be the Show, @kennyskitchen shares his thoughts about and passions towards living a conscious life:

…and much more. Special thanks to @kennyskitchen for this excellent interview.

Future Interviews and Episodes of Be the Show

Are there other people in the Steemit community you’d like to hear more from? In the comments thread, let me know who they are, and I may feature them on future episodes.

After all, why watch the show when you can be the show?

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Thanks for sharing a great post and letting us know about @kennyskitchen, will start following him..


@geetharao thanks for checking out this podcast with Kenny. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with him as you get to know more about him through his blog posts.

I'm going to see about catching up with him at the We Are Change gathering in September here in Denver. Maybe I can do a follow up post after.

?I hope your days are fun.


@redeyes personally, mine are. I gather the Freeganism and dumpster diving conversation prompted the thought?

It was really good to hear had some good time listening it !
Thanks @lpfaust for sharing this hope to see more !


@starving glad you stopped by and took some time to listen. I appreciate it. I'm looking to line up some others for future podcasts for this particular series.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have this discussion with you, and so so appreciate all of your kind words above and in the comments.

I'm very much looking forward to finally meeting in person, and catching up, when I'm up in Colorado next month.

Not sure how I missed this post for days, but I'm glad I caught it pre-payout at least.

Up-voted & re-steemed of course, and I sent a @minnowsupport up-vote as well :-)


@kennyskitchen thanks for the upvote, resteem and the minnowsupport upvote. I appreciate it.

I had a great time doing the interview and it was great to catch up. I'm looking forward to hitting the We Are Change meetup in September, but the site is only listing dates and times through August (as of Saturday). Can you Direct Message me the date and time of the event?

Also, I will be sure to make some time to catch up while you are here. Take care and safe travels.


Of course brother! I appreciate the platform you've shared with myself and others, and the time & energy you put into all of your content.

I just sent you the details on .chat, and I'd love to hang out while I'm there.

Sound quality sounds good at a glance, I'll save this for later... sounds like a good story that I could learn from. Thanks for sharing :-)


@heymattsokol Thanks for stopping by to check out the podcast. One day I decided to use some of the rewards I earned here on Steemit to make a small studio in my basement and begin this podcast series.

Kenny is truly a person who embodies what he espouses. It's a very cool interview which went in a direction I did not originally plan - but it's the organic nature of how I do the show.

Honestly, I enjoy doing the interviews and getting to know the people I follow in the Steemit community, beyond what they post about on Steemit. It's awesome to humanize and connect with the person behind the posts.

great post


@melek thanks for stopping by to check out the interview. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

@lpfaust they were genuine person after and inspiring to steemiants I just checked him a/c and I really liked to follow him and learned something about new which is for me good. Thanks to introduce with us.
Big thumbs up


I agree. some people are really passionate about what they do!


@raghwendra glad you took some time to check out the interview with Kenny.

I have a bit of a soft spot for Kenny because he was one of the first people I connect ed with here on Steemit all the way in the beginning for over one year ago. He is a very unique personality here.

And you do not want to make a podcast about yourself :)

Everyone would be very interesting.


@dlina-v-metrah thanks for checking out the content. I appreciate it.

Interesting request. I have not come across anyone who has asked to interview me and I think (generally speaking) those that follow would be much more interested hearing me interview others here on Steemit.

I'm not opposed to being interviewed. The opportunity has not presented itself and I'm not sure the interest level on Steemit is there either.

very wonderful quality sound and great post.


@goldcoin thanks for taking a listen.

Back when I decided to start this podcast series, I cashed in some of my earnings here on Steemit, and built out a small studio in my basement on a shoestring. Glad to hear the audio quality is high, because I had to earn it all on the fly.

Great to listen thanks a lot for sharing this great to know a lot about @kennyskitchen


@blazing thanks for taking some time to check out the interview with @kennyskitchen. He's one of he very first people I connected with here on Steemit. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

half way through the podcast session listening the interview now! Thank you very much for sharing very good !!


@cityslicker thanks for checking out the podcast. Kenny is a very interesting dude. You might want to check his blog out as well for some great content.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I appreciate your efforts to discover the hidden gems in steemit. I like the interview with @kennyskitchen and I enjoyed his posts.


@shirish5 thanks for taking some time to listen to the interview and reading some of Kenny's posts I selected for this article. He is truly a unique individual on this platform who deserves some recognition and publicity.

When I first started to develop the podcast, the intention was never to focus on the content a person created, but rather to showcase their personality, so their readers can connect with the individual behind the posts they read. Perspective allows each of us to understand a person's point of view and connect with an author more deeply.

Incredible podcast this is lots of great conversation


@steemphotography thanks for taking some time to listen to the podcast. One very cool thing about Kenny is he is very active in may different communities and is a wealth of information.

I'm planning to catch up with him at the September We are Change meetup here in Denver, Colorado. I will see if he can do a follow up blog post about it after.

Great interview..i hope you will do another BigBoom interview with others...such as artist, actors etc..


@moelflow thanks for checking out the interview and the feedback. I appreciate it.

When I began the podcast, the idea I had was to humanize Steemit a bit and have people begin to connect with the people behind the posts by earning more about them beyond what is on Steemit. Sort of the same way a person goes to a convention or book signing to connect with their favorite author.

I've been considering evolving the show beyond the Steemit platform and bringing interviews from unique individuals not associated with Steemit on Be the Show. Not sure how well that would do on this platform of vaporwave.

Listening to it at the moment. So far very interesting!


@zoef thanks for taking some time to check out the podcast. I appreciate it.

I would suggest you check out some of Kenny's posts I have backlinked to in the summary above the podcast. Each of those posts are related to the topics discussed on the podcast. I'd even suggest you might want to read more on Kenny's blog and follow him, as he generates some excellent content here on Steemit.

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Best Quality Kennyskitchen Final Cut Music. Geart Sir. 100% Like And Resteem.


@stmit I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast interview. Thanks for the support with your upvote and resteem I appreciate it.

Thanks for sharing great post!


@misrori thanks for stopping by to check out the interview with @kennyskitchen. I appreciate it.

Great topic @lpfaust
Thanks for sharing


@mahmoudh thanks for stopping by to check it out. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I also like it when people walk the talk.


@pjcswart Kenny truly embodies his beliefs.

As a self-described agnostic, I have always found people with a deep sense of soft-spoken spirituality fascinating. I find people who are the same about their convictions to be equally fascinating. I think that's what captured my attention about Kenny.


Thanks. I hope you have a WONDERFUL DAY! Following YOU!!


@pjcswart thanks for checking out the podcast and supporting my work. I appreciate it. Great to have you on board as a follower.


You're welcome. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thanks for sharing this amazing post!


@rtdcs thanks for checking it out and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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