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RE: What did the Pocket genesis claim process look like?

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A thought just occurred to me... What if you've been spending your Pockets here and there, and have lost track of how many you have. Is there an easy way to find your balance?


pocketsend:[email protected], just send a token to yourself. Then you'll get a message from a confirmer bot telling you your balance!

Successful Send of 1
Sending Account: biophil
Receiving Account: revo
New sending account balance: 856779
New receiving account balance: 1000000
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: adcfab1ccf29ea63ce072244de22a16a660465b7
Thanks for using POCKET! I am a confirmer bot for fun

Please can I receive pocket coin too, I don't understand how it is

Haha, you already have pocket tokens! You must have resteemed the Genesis post last month.

There are people selling pocket coins. this guy, for instance.

Or follow my links above to explore how to buy them on OpenLedger.

pocketsend:[email protected], here are a few to get you started!

Successful Send of 101
Sending Account: biophil
Receiving Account: steemitsamest
New sending account balance: 856577
New receiving account balance: 1000100
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: 89812d7e2724f4ff76f1262f7e117d23a1078a50
Thanks for using POCKET! I am a confirmer bot for fun,trying to raise awareness about a hackathon! View my source confirmer code here.

yep, there should be a command to find your balance. Also after every transaction you should see a confirmer bot reply with your new account balance.

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