Pocket Friday! (Remember POCKET?)

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Welcome to POCKET Friday!

If you enjoy jokes, this is your chance to award your favorite jokes from this week’s Punday Monday with your praise and your votes!

All the jokes from this week are in the comments on this post: https://steemit.com/contest/@improv/you-look-sad-i-think-it-s-something-about-how-liquid-is-pouring-from-your-eyes-punday-monday-80-comedy-open-mic-43

How do you vote?

There are so many ways to vote on the Steem blockchain. The most popular, obviously, is the Upvote function. When you read a pun you like on that post, give it your love! Not only will the punsters feel good about having brought you enjoyment, they will also get some STEEM!

Another popular way to vote is with your voice! In a comment or post, tag the user who made the pun you like and let them know that you like it!

But neither of those is the way we determine the winner of this audience favorite award. In order to vote for your favorite punster of the previous week, you’ll send them POCKET in a comment on this post. The next section will tell you how.

How do you send POCKET?

If you don’t already have POCKET, you can get some for the purposes of voting from @paul.atreides! He’s already sent some to @coinsandchains, @artgirlnyc and @corpsvalues, so we’re hoping to get some votes from them on favorite puns! Send him a message or memo that says, “I want to vote in this week’s POCKET awards for Punday Monday, would you send me some POCKET so I can?”

Once you have POCKET, you can send it using the syntax,

pocketsend:[email protected],this part is where you tell the punster what you liked about their pun.

This is all you do with the POCKET. If there are other uses for it on the blockchain, I don’t know.

Why did I make audience voting like this?

I wanted a system that used a finite resource that wasn’t very related to the personal finances of any individual. By using POCKET, we can see people bidding up their favorite punsters or working together to root for one pun or another. Even if one punster ultimately comes in second, they still get something for their trouble, an instrument that they can use to vote for their favorite punsters in future rounds!

This is Season 2!

We ended our first season of the POCKET Choice awards on October 1st. The Winners’ Circle from Season 1 will be indelibly branded onto our brains. Will your favorite punster be a new member of The POCKET Choice Awards Winners’ Circle Season 2?


Two SBI units, one from @curie (sent by @improv thanks to their community support), one from @improv himself

The winner wins a #steembasicincome unit thanks to prize support for the #PundayMonday community from @curie!

Punday Monday accepts new puns right up until the next Punday Monday!

So, if this is the first you’re hearing of it, head on over, and try your hand at punning!

If you've never punned before, it might seem like magic! You can do it, too! Learn how in My Free How-To Guide on Punning! )

Enjoy the puns!



Thanks to @pixiehunter for making that image!

If/when you use my referral links, we both benefit!

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I love puns. but only wear tights


Nowadays you won't get kilt for wearing a skirt.

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pocketsend:[email protected]


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Sending Account: onthewayout
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Thanks for using POCKET! I am running this confirmer code.



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pocketsend:[email protected], I thought your pun was CLEARLY the winner.


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Thanks for using POCKET! I am running this confirmer code.

pocketsend:[email protected], for dropping an awesome pun...


Successful Send of 4
Sending Account: coinsandchains
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New sending account balance: 976
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Steem trxid: a7110a06bbb16eeb37cfbf1ea4bd8244de6fd41a
Thanks for using POCKET! I am running this confirmer code.

Ok, I've been laying down on the job..... I guess I need to make a resolution to do better.


Welcome back!

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