A Full Explanation On Platform's Earnings And How We Distribute Earnings

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Platforms is offering new ways for you to earn. This article explains how you can earn with Platforms and breaks down the different pay out rates.

How does Platforms work?

Platforms is a new project on Steemit. Our goal is to assist new networks that are based on Steem by helping them to build a community and also finding them workers such as graphic designers, authors and moderators as necessary.

So far, PLATFORMS has taken off with some great successes with projects such as @Moonbot and @DPorn. We wanted to share our profit with our investors and our writers and so we have created the PLATFORMS TOKEN.

One great advantage of the PLATFORM TOKENS is that you gain a profit just by holding them. You will get more tokens based on how much money we make.

How we make money

We make money when we undertake projects to build a community and find workers. We also gain from upvotes on our posts that are shared on the Steem blockchain.

We share this income with the token holders and with others depending on their level of involvement.


This is the biggest avenue to receive payments from us. If you are a token holder, you will get paid

  • 40 % of what we make when we take on projects
  • 10 % of the Steem dollars earned from posts on the Steem blockchain

All payments for Investors will be done in STEEM at the end of the month.

If you are interested in investing and increasing your share you can purchase tokens through here : https://wallet.bitshares.org/#/market/PLATFORMS_BTS.


We love to share posts about new projects on Steemit and elsewhere on the Steem blockchain and we also love making money from these posts. When you write for us we pay you

  • 10% of what we make on a post in SBD or
  • A predetermined amount

Team Members

The team members of Platforms earn in these ways

  • 40% from projects
  • 30% from Steemit posts

Operational Needs

The remaining funds from our projects and posts are used to take care of internal expenses and powering up.

  • 20% from projects
  • 50% from posts


Income from Projects
Income from Posts

The pie chart above shows graphically how the profit from projects are distributed.

Platforms gives you the opportunity to earn when we take on projects and when we release posts. Holding PLATFORMS token is the most lucrative way to earn with us; earning 40% from all projects and 10% from all posts, paid out in STEEM at the end of the month. Writers will also earn 10% of the SBD earnings from posts, or a predetermined amount.


Very clear explaination. I appreciate this. tip!

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"40 % of what we make when we take on projects
10 % of the Steem dollars earned from posts on the Steem blockchain
All payments for Investors will be done in STEEM at the end of the month."

How exactly does this work? Ie. Do you have to claim these rewards somehow if you're a token holder?

If you hold tokens, you have to verify your account. To do that, just follow these steps:

To verify your bitshares account, log onto bitshares and send any amount of any token to platforms1 and in the memo include your steem username.
Source: https://steemit.com/platforms/@platforms/get-more-with-platforms

Once you are verified and hold tokens, you will receive your share of the earnings at the end of each month. Be sure to give the post linked above a full read for all the details. And if you have any questions, just ask, or join our discord server for an even quicker answer.

We will pay out the rewards in quarterly payments. First we need your bitshares name to be tied with your steem name.

Okay, thank you. I'll check it out soon.

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