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Dendrobium anosmum is one of the most popular orchids in Vietnam today. Its flowers are very beautiful. its aroma spread throughout the garden. Perhaps this attracts the most players. The cool aroma always attractive players.

Dendrobium anosmum usually blooms in early summer. It is purple, blossoming in trunk when the leaves fall off. The trunk is usually 80-120cm long. If taken care of well, its trunk is even about 2m long. Dendrobium anosmum has many facial features such as white, dark purple, heart-shaped, on the tongue usually have dark purple eyes.






Dendrobium anosmum is easy to grow and multiply.
You can plant it in a pot with a stone, pine, or shell. You can also plant it on a log. Even planted in a coconut shell, earthen pot, broken nut ... You must ensure that the plant needs ventilation and airy roots.



You need to bring the plants to light to reach the flower. But if the sun is over, the plants will wilt and you need to have a veil above. In winter, you should remove the net when the tree shows signs of lack of sunshine

In summer, orchids thrive. You should not water at noon, so go to it when the sun is off, so watery.

In the fall, the tree stops growing. You should water 2-3 times a week for the stem to shrink.

In winter, this time trees prepared to flower, stop the watering. Avoid the wilted plants, you should spray the fog 2-3 times a month

I usually fertilize goats when the plant reaches the stage to increase nutrients. Very good goat herring, not shock to the tree.

If you want to replace pots for plants, the best time is spring, when seedlings are not rooted. Usually when the seedlings are about 10-15cm, you change the tree to not be screwed.

Growing and cultivating every day is my hobby. My
accomplishment is the blooming orchids in the garden. Beautiful butterflies from where to fly to decorate the garden more lively. In addition, the birds are also attracted to each other early dawn. Breathe fresh air. In the morning, listening to birds singing is really great

I would like to share some experiences on how to grow orchids. I am not an agricultural engineer. I planted by my way, and I got the results. I would like to share with you.

Look forward to your support.

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