[Day 4] "Doing PLANK" 1 min PLANK challenge for 30 days [30天平板支撐挑戰]

in plank-contest •  2 months ago


  1. 头不要抬起。
  2. 拉直啊,拉直。

@wonderwop Hold on for 30 days, you will shine.
@clicked Blue by Keith Hanley


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Great going man,I hope you will succeed in all the 30 days. You had really done it in a very beautiful way 😊😊, keep posting


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Awesome! I love this challenge and it is very cool to see your doing it. Cheers!

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Extraordinary work, an obligation of appreciation is all together to share this plank video

Doing great job for your plank challenge as well as for maintaining physical health.continue with your challenge fulfilling 30 days task
Thank you @cecilian


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That's really a standard position, I can see how difficult to make it 1 MINUTE.
做得很好, 值得支持!!!