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I've noticed over the last few days several of my homesteading friends here being plagurized. Having their videos just out and out stolen and reposted under another name.

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My first step was to alert the original posters and provide a link. The second thing I did was once verified that indeed no prermissions were given, I flagged the post, or downvoted it. I also learned that flagging a post decreases your voting power, just like an upvote.

I've seen that other homesteaders here had resteemed the unbeknowst to them, plagurized posts, in the spirit of promoting and helping each other. It's terribly sad to me when someones hard work is taken and passed off as someone elses. We all put so much of ourselves into what we present here.

I usually employ the scroll feature when I don't like something on the internet. I'm not one for reporting. But this just stuck in my crawl. You might want to see if any of your work has been taken. The offenders name is goldendoll33.

So my question is: Is there a protocol here on Steemit when one finds such things?

Onward in Solidarity!
Mary Lotus


Steem cleaners made me mad however when I quoted and sited an article and gave credit....it made me mad as it totally took value from my post. Do not agree with its parameters. The administrator for steemcleaners posts non original youtube videos with not even an article or comment....not cool. They made me good and mad three weeks ago.
Just saying!

Oh snap, that bites! Not cool, not cool at all. Cheetah visited me the other day for posting my cordwood article. I credit it in the article as having been previously posted on my old blog and cited it.

Plagiarists get a downvote from me.

Certainly will from me as well.

I sent a report to a group called "steemcleaners" (https://steemit.com/@steemcleaners) They are a group constantly on the lookout for spam, plagiarized materials, and the like. They often give users a warning, and if no response is given, they "nuke" the account.

Aside from that, flagging spammers and plagiarized content is always a way to use your vote to send a message that this isn't the culture we want to see on Steemit. It reduces the users reputation number, and sends a visual clue that this person probably isn't contributing original content.

Finally, thanks so much for alerting us to the stolen content!

Oh good, so there is a "something" I can do. I'll save that link. Sadly, this is not the first time I have seen this. The other day I saw where four separate accounts posted the same picture and recipe within minutes of each other.

While this really burns my bum. I am choosing to go have a delightful day with my daughter. She and her husband are treating me to Mexican tonight as a thank you for watching my grand-dogs while they were gone.

Don't I know it, haha! Every time I get tempted to get angry at Stupid Internet, I take my son and go outside and remember what is REAL. For example, last night, we got our first truly troll-angry comments on a youtube video (they went as far as accusing us of being "insults to real homesteading," "cynical posers," and "fake."...for no reason! Really...it was just a video of me collecting acorns and my husband milling wood, haha!) But I love the clarity it brought me--I don't have to worry what random strangers think of my family. I don't have to get emotionally involved in the accusations of people who don't know me. I don't care about becoming famous. I just want to share what I'm learning with those who want to hear. And at the end of the day, I turn off the Internet, make dinner with my REAL family, and enjoy REAL life. We get to choose joy! I hope you have a wonderful day. and a delicious dinner. :) :)

Trolls, what a perfect name for them. Sorry they struck, that sucks. At least they failed on their mission. I don't even give those a nibble.

Thank you. I'll save this. Sadly, I'm sure I'll need to use it in the future.

I learned to filter trolls at yt, I did a blog yesterday (link: https://steemit.com/life/@weetreebonsai/push-pray-until-something-happens) on how far it went with me....Some go to far and remembering to PUSH keeps me sane...

They escalated to physical damage! How horrible. So sorry that happened to you.

I know I am not the only one, I received several messages from others that the trolls went after.

That's crazy, Weetree! I had no idea you'd dealt with so much garbage from angry Internet people. I've always appreciated your quiet, background-watching moderation in the chats I've been a part of!

So sad that people have nothing better to do with their lives. Trolls on YouTube seem to be especially nasty. If you don't have a huge established audience there, You could give dTube a try. it earns you steem as well.

Sitting in the privacy of ones own home without repercussions has allowed the bullies and thieves to flourish, sadly. I suppose they have always been here, hiding. Now they have a new avenue to act on. :(

I think they have been pretty active, but the people lie the steemcleaners are active as well. I think all of us who want this to be a good platform need to be on the watch for this kind of behavior and not let it pass.

First post was good.

Great enjoy a lot want to see more of this in future. @themerrylotus

You did good. It is our job to downvote. We are the moderators! Followed :)

I don't know why, but I am still amazed that folks would steal someone else's work and repost it on the same platform and think it would go unnoticed. I'm glad our community looks after each other. Thanks for the follow.

And yes on steemcleaners. They seem to be doing a great job. As far as you don't like to report people. I dislike that as well. But I have been on other platforms like this and the spammers and plagiarisers ended up breaking the platforms. They would make money on their stolen content, pull it out and pretty soon the platforms were gone.
I bet the same recipe on 4 accounts - it is probably the same person having multiple accounts and trying to work the system.

I flagged them in the hopes that others would as well and rid them of our community. I am so confused by cheaters tactics. They really put in a lot of work stealing content and passing it off as their own. If only they used that effort to do something original.

It is upsetting how much people intentionally plagiarism on here. Do you find it often?

I've only been here since June and it seems to come in waves. That's my observation anyways.

Me too, have you been able to pin point what triggers it? That is what I am working on

No, I haven't identified any commonalities or predictors yet.