Plagiarism at Steemit

in plagiarism •  7 months ago

Logo skisse symb.pngWhen someone steals my ideas, I have 2 reactions. First I get furious and then flattered for obviously having done something right. Well. This time I did not get flattered at all. This is the most disgusting theft I have seen.

Have a look;

Then compare it to my original work:

@nomadicsoul obviously has no shame when it comes to stealing. No attempt to attribute the original work(s) whatsoever.

And no consent from me whatsoever.

I have reported it to @steemcleaners and if there is anyone with a sliver of respect for original content, go tell her just that.

@berniesanders where are you when there is need for a little shakeup?

Post script: it seems she has deleted what belongs to me.

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Very good post.

love your your style and thanks ❤😃❤