Logo sketch take 2

in art •  7 months ago

...and can you make it more like icon.... ??? That was one of the questions I got for the first sketch. And here I am back with a new sketch. A little less developed, but this time with a figurative theme, not just pure fantasy. Retained is the style which is like a mosaic or fingerprint. The motif does not get more ICONic: An eye.

Logo skisse 2.png

And to refresh the memories, the first one looked like this:

Logo skisse.png

A tideous process to work with so many lines, but it sure has something to it since everything gets a unique shape.

The choice of an eye was not coincidental considering what they do. Or what they aim to do.

So what do you say, @everlove? @@@quinneaker?

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I really like the eye, how its obviously digital.....though a lot of people may associate it with the eye of one world order like on the dollar bill.....That could be good or bad lol


The NWO will love you 😄

We're liking this eye design a lot! After seeing some of the other entries, we think it would look great combined with some elements from a few other contenders (will make a post very soon with a bit more inspiration). Would you be willing to share your design file with other Steemians for a collaborative effort? Of course the choice is yours.

Ohhhh, I like this version even more. I like the definition and ease of color combination, and that you retained the fingerprint feel. So glad you're participating in this project @funkit! Glad we're doing it together!

Cool and definitely look like its on something.

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I would love to be able to do digital art!
Could you make a tutorial introduction?!


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I miss your post and ur support brother. How are you brother