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PizzaGate just got False Flagged to Stop the Investigation

The powers that shouldn't be are up to their old dirty tricks again. Here we go, another False Flag Hoax "gun attack" on Comet Pizza. This is why I am calling for a legitimate law enforcement agency to investigate this. People please don't let your emotions get the better of you. Let's get this investigated for real by someone who can arrest people. This event at Comet Ping Pong will only hamper the investigation, and make people think we are all crazy for looking into this. Not only that, I personally am being blamed for this stuff on Facebook. As if I am somehow responsible for causing the PizzaGate scandal to happen.

My Video on this, please watch:

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Peace Everyone!

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Hey titus please look at your account on google. I am trying to reach out to you about an idea I have that I know you will love. But I seem to have a very difficult time getting you to or anyone else to respond on this.


What is up? I get so many notifications on google via youtube these days I can only read like 10% of them or less?


I really need to talk to u offline. Im on (name fuzzy) if u can take a moment ro reach out on there

Every day that passes we get closer to the heart of the matter. Yes, we have pedos running D.C. and pretty much all governments of the world. But, what we'll soon uncover is that these people do not take orders from old, white men but from our NON-HUMAN threat living beneath our feet.

Phil Schneider was suicided after exposing this sensitive material. The 14th attempt on his life was successful. He also said before he died: "The New World Order and the Alien Agenda are one of the same." (paraphrase)

Also, contemporary whistleblower Donald Marshall, talks about the same threat.


i dont know about that stuff. it is possible, but i dont talk about anything unless it is blatantly obvious and this association doesn't really help us in our movement to find the truth. :/

Can we be technically certain that media outlet(s) published before event?

As if I am somehow responsible for causing the PizzaGate scandal to happen.

In that case, keep an eye out for these two below, they are probably after you ... and nothing good comes from being caught by these two (allegedly). ;)

Damn, feels wrong to even joke about this ... but I like to joke, so there you have it. lol

thought these may also be of interest, infographic summarizes a bunch of what you're presenting. I also recently got chastised on another steemit post telling me how this type of material is "inciting violence" just like what you're trying to debunk:

Creepy Joe Biden likes kissing little boys and girls:

more CNN FakeNews:


It's not inciting violence but it should be inciting investigation, but it does not. It's like to set the fox to keep the geese. Where are the parents? I don't understand those parents.


you can get trolled on just like you can here on steem. You know the big difference? On voat ALL your work could go up in smoke (again) if they decide to. Good luck having that happen on steem. Even if you are flagged to hell and back, your work will be on the blockchain.

Yellow Tape is already up. Obviously pre-planned drill