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With all these ridiculous articles parading all of Trump's ALLEGED sexual assaults (most of which have already been completely DEBUNKED) to their readers who don't even know what ALLEGED means, it's fascinating how they all ignore the totally creepy underage child coveting that seems to go on in Washington right in plain sight for everyone to see by the likes of Joe Biden... Where's the OUTRAGE you liberal leftist hypocrites? Or is that what you mean by "tolerance"?

For those of you with kids or nieces or nephews, let's see how far you're willing to go to "defend" this... Would you be comfortable letting YOUR kids hang with Joe Biden?

Joe Biden Sexually Assaults Children:

Compilation of Joe Biden being Creepy:

VP Creepy Joe Biden Caught Groping Young Girls On Camera:

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That is a little creepy.

Here's another one for you. Biden likes kissing boys - appears they are his favorite ... I saved it because we never see him with boys... they obviously hide those.


thanks for adding that one, but oh geez yes, I'm cringing even more than I already was...


I think these creeps imagine they are like ancient Greeks, when it was fashionable to diddle boys. It's the pedo snobbery that ranks boys as the prize. so revolting.

Something to consider, according to earlier reports of statements, testimonies being obtained regarding the Weiner laptop, that one of the ways others were kept in control, was thru blackmail means....intentionally putting them in compromising positions, obtained videos and pictures of the act. I can't say for sure of the history of so many people and what their part of it was. Was it a one-time event, or a repeated pattern? shrug Just commenting in regards to Trump.

Just my 2 cents...

As far as Biden? Creepy as all get out and he's so blatant about it! He's way too comfortable doing this in front of cameras. Disturbing....


Also, i've been seeing alot of parallels with Podesta ties and Mk Ultra...