James Alefantis' once-public Instagram, Jimmycomet, now preserved on Steemit blockchain!

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Jimmycomet, the Instagram of James Achilles Alefantis, now has its highlights preserved on the Steemit blockchain. In addition, these images are also archived on the Pizzagate Wiki.

You'll notice James's avatar features Antinous, which @ausbitbank noted in an earlier article was the boy lover (around 12 or 13 years old at the time) of the Roman emperor Hadrian.

Not sure why I didn't do this sooner...

More information on James Achilles Alefantis can be found at the Pizzagate Wiki.

Strange pictures of children

Odd finds

Just one of James' Instagram friends, pizzaf***ingparty

Another close Instagram friend of James, Jeff Smith, aka @WerkinOnMahNightCheese, now deleted

!WARNING! Graphic images (from Jimmycomet)

"Ms. Summercamp"

"C*m visit" 1

"C*m visit" 2


244 people LOL!

This happens to numerous pizzagate posts, numerous views, almost always disproportionately inverted to every other post's votes to view ratio!

This is because almost everyone instinctually knows this stuff is true, and almost everyone-- including myself at times-- is scared shitless about being on-record as thinking that it is true.


This is also what drives my thinking that views are a better indicator of post quality than upvotes.

I get it but fuck these people. Upvoted and resteemed this post. Fuck moloch!

we see entirely eye to eye on this matter. Fuck people like James Alefantis with a flamethrower.

I know it's scary to even think about or be linked to knowing in some fashion. I have concerns myself spreading the info. But I know I am safe because I have Gods protection. He is done allowing this type of stuff to happen to the innocent and it will no longer be tolerated by Him, God fearing Christians, or anyone with a good heart and conscience.

I don't even believe in god.

I just like truth, and I hate scum. Which, you'd think would be normal but..... maybe not.

I believe this particular post is being viewed by mostly non Steemers. I was brought here via YouTube from a guy that has well over 100k subscribers.

Shitposting indeed. NY Times level "debunking" right there. No sources given :/

HAHAH, it so quaint! they are probably a shill!

Why I say that?

In the past, I've blasted steembreafing to expose themselves outright by resorting to straight pizzagate denial with my comment. They stopped beating around the bush after that and then soon after went inactive as the community turned on them for being dumb fucking assholes who don't have a modicum of critical thinking when they continued to deny or give credence to pizzagate.

I did it before with the vulgar commenting I unleashed on themasses account on their insinuating "pizzagate is used to normalize pedophilia and to beat off the elite you must think like a sick pedophilia elite" fearmongering posts made probably in a weak trickery attempt at swaying people on the fence so that they don't look at the evidence.

Orneshani7 I exposed also because of pizzagate. In a post that was exemplifying the morbid and disturbing art of the artist that painted the equally disturbing and morbid murals at comet pizza. Orenshani7 sought to argue that the artist was going to be "another" victim of the internet, which prompted me to check out his posts.. and it was there I found about his classism denial article about the rothschild living in israel. Later on, I outright had the opportunity to expose his troll self in a post by steemtruth about the false flag crane/no crane truck attack on the israel graduating soldiers where he lied and backtracked, while at the time writing a series for being a journalist. Pathetic attempt at troll, obvious lies, numerous backtracking attempts.

The I learned that contentjunkie (who I exposed as a troll for attempting to railroad his insidious line of thinking with a series of questions leading to do cow share the same the same (freudian slip never gets old) rights as me? which I argued that he was attempting to say that planet earth and rocks and crap like that has rights and therefore we are infringing on them, a la Iron Mountain Report the continuity of war we must make man the enemy of environment) was also in pizzagate denial and called it ridiculous in the context of what people post on the blockchain. And now this troll which calls themselves crystalandbones asked me earlier "why so hateful" because I asked ned to answer the yes and no question and not evade or skirt around the issue like he did, if, do we get a flatter reward curve or no, and they are the same kind of people who didn't bother to look at the mountains of evidence with thousands of connections and least the disturbing images, and reposts that inflammatory troll post which I am so glad nobody even cared for, SHILL!

Seems that I attract these people, these nonthinkers if they are not shills, but that's hard to say for some who string together some complex concepts, so I have no sympathy for and zero reservation for calling out their nonsense and bullshit, and the same for nonthinkers.

I just can't wait to se HER reply. Many people that I've had the opportunity to introduce to the facts, have a BREAKDOWN like waking up out of a cult or becoming aware of their own susceptibility to Stockholm Syndrome. In Crystal's case, I wouldn't want to be around HER house when she begins to go through her own explosive detox... lots and lots and LOTS of Screaming will be heard : /


If she's a real person, and not a paid for troll :D

904...you'll reach 1,000 views I'm sure.

Is this Voat.co traffic?

@Baah has a point, the views to votes ratio seems to be skewed. Add to that the missing pizzagate Tag for close to 4 months and the total views on Esteem dropping instead of climbing. Very weird shit.

I do understand that a lot of people have overdosed on pizzagate and have stopped posting, however, that being said, the MacCoby article and this one have more than 1000 views each. That has to count for something, people are surely still interested.

9500+...Well Done @rebelskum!!

Thanks! This was one of my biggest posts on Voat and Twitter as well, so it got around! A humble victory I'd say.

Look up his last name in French. It means "I love infants" or something to that extent. The rabbit hole is deep with this one. Roger Stone posted it on his Twitter a while back. I'll see if I can find it.

He'll never stop being weird, that's for sure.

StoneColdTruth Stone Cold Truth tweeted @ 30 Nov 2016 - 18:54 UTC

A Secret in Plain Sight?
"James Alefantis" = "J'aime les enfants" ???
How deep does this rabbit hole go? Do I want… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Amazing capture. Thanks so much! I'll be sharing with David Seaman.



This stuff needs to be documented. They're acting like Comet Pizza is totally innocent, but this stuff is suspicious as hell!

Thank you for doing this.

History will remember one way or another...

This was the fork in the road where I first got the heeby-jeebies. This isn't even including the things displayed inside Comet Ping Pong.

Those are some weird posts! I recently did my first Steemit article on equity release. It's a great platform and I'm enjoying the diversity of content.

I enjoyed this. Thank you.

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