Announcing PixWeekly: Get Your Weekly Dose of All Things PixEOS

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Get your weekly dose of all things pixEOS.

Today we are announcing our first edition of pixWeekly, a curated list of happenings within the pixEOS community.

Here’s a roundup of the week’s events January 30 - February 5

pixEOS Paint DApp Beta Launch

The pixEOS Paint dApp beta successfully launched on February 2, 2019. You can play the game here:

View the genesis of the pixel canvas:

Check out the launch videos:

Learn how to play the pixEOS paint game:

video credit: Kurt

Staking your PIXEOS tokens is now live.

Learn how to stake your PIXEOS tokens with the Scatter wallet:

(Staking with Mac OS now works, we successfully staked some PIXEOS just now)

We are working hard to make pixEOS Paint compatible with popular wallets like Token Pocket and others. Right now, pixEOS Paint works with the Scatter desktop wallet and the Math wallet.

150,000 pixels painted almost activated. We are now 1900 pixels away from the bonus activation stage. Once 150,000 pixels are painted, the bonus are unlocked for players, and they will have full access to their rewards. Read this to learn more about how the reward components function:

If you need support or an EOS account, visit our Telegram channel:
Due to increased demand combined with the Chinese New Year holiday, please be advised that there is a wait time for new EOS accounts.

If you run out of cpu while playing pixEOS Paint, go here:

Pro tip: When drawing your pixels on the canvas, paint, and buy in small batches. If you spend a lot of time painting, someone else could buy those same pixels, which would result in you not being able to buy them. This would result in you losing your art, and your time (maybe your patience, too).

Distribution of rewards:


PIXEOS Token Wallet Growth:


Thanks to Corts who consistently provides the pixEOS community with stats about PIXEOS token holder wallet growth.

Dappradar Lists pixEOS has now listed pixEOS, so you can check out all the stats about players, EOS volume, etc:

Enter the pixEOSrama ArtsyDrop with


A prize of 100,000 pixEOS tokens (estimated 1,000 EOS) will be airdropped amongst community participants! The amount each person receives will vary based on the number of participants. Submit your art to get your share!

pixEOS Creates a Free Avatar Maker:


Due to popular demand for custom pixel avatars, we created a free Avatar Maker for the community. The Avatar Maker is free for everyone, and doesn’t require any logins. It’s easy for everyone, including kids and takes less than a minute.

YouTube Videos

PIXEOS Saves the World - Mr. Spaceman video reaches 10,000 views

mBlu Spaceman has created a viral video inspired by pixEOS and it now has over 10,000 views. Stellabelle reached out to mBlu to find out what was behind the story in the video. Read the interview on Hackernoon here:

Dallas Rushing of KARMA interviews Fred, CEO of pixEOS:

pixEOS Community Lovestream:

Crypto Life Inc:

This is not a complete list of all pixEOS videos. Make sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date:

If you make a pixEOS video, please let us know! We’d love to add your video in our Vids By Community playlist.

These are some of the highlights, not an exhaustive list of all the happenings. If you love data, statistics or making video tutorials, pixEOS would be very grateful for any contributions in these areas.

We want to thank you for your support and patience as we work tirelessly to improve our first game, pixEOS Paint, which, please remember, is in beta.

Thank you,

pixEOS Team

pixEOS Official Links

pixEOS Avatar Maker:
pixEOS Telegram group:
pixEOS announcement channel:
pixEOS China group: 中国社区:
pixEOS Korea group:

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PixEOS never rests!! This is only the begginning 😋
It is great to see the canvas getting amazing pieces of pixel art! Also seeing people around twitter, telegram, discord and whatsapp using the pixel avatars 😎

Gooo pixEOS!!! To the moon and beyond!! 🌜🌠

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