Announcing the pixEOSrama Canvas Event!

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pixEOS represents a celebration of creativity, innovation, and fun by building a platform that brings together gaming, art, and blockchain technology.

However, the pixEOS project is more than just a platform; it hinges on one of the most innovative art collectives in the blockchain ecosystem. A huge part of the ethos behind pixEOS is collaborative art, and it is in this spirit that the we’d like to announce what is perhaps our most ambitious project yet.

Announcing pixEOSrama!

pixEOSrama will be a giant 8000px by 4500px collaborative canvas featuring a backdrop crafted by the distinguished artist and painter Reinhard Schmid. On this interactive canvas pixEOS featured artists will join together with members of the pixEOS community to craft a one of a kind masterpiece that will ultimately be immortalized on the EOS blockchain as a non-fungible token. The canvas will be open to the public mid-February, shortly after the official beta launch of the pixEOS paint game.

This is an opportunity for everyone in our community to join together with the talented individuals who make up the pixEOS art collective as Featured Artists and combine their ideas and designs together on an enormous digital canvas.

Meet some of the Featured Artists who will be creating alongside community members in this enormous collaborative canvas:

As the pixEOS project’s UI Designer and Front End Developer, Fabi Yamada, AKA the Mother of Bots, helps to code the very fabric of the user experience on the platform. She is the creator of Voxie, the pixEOS Telegram bot, whom we all know and love today.

Cris is an active motion graphics designer from Korea with over 11 years of experience. Over his long career he has produced various videos with special effects, media intros, titles sequences, and infographics. As a talented member of the team he uses animation to help educate our community about pixEOS.

Gama, works as a 3D modeler for the pixEOS project. In addition he is a talented photographer and professional software engineer. Gama’s unique talents help to bring amazing designs to life.

Reinhard Schmid, is a distinguished artist whose work across mediums spans decades and continues to inspire the world. His numerous exhibitions have been featured throughout the whole of Europe. His joyful exploration of paint has allowed him to translate to a wider audience a captivating glimpse into strange and wonderful realities. He is the creator of the scenic landscape featured on the pixEOSrama canvas.

Ruben Alexander is a cutting edge artist who has truly explored the boundaries of physical and digital mediums. He has studied Mark Kistler’s shading techniques, and Ruben’s sense of exploration also led him to push the limits pursuing code driven art. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of Bitcoin Magazine, and has published a free collection of 100 EOS logos, as well as two books of poetry: Thought & Color, and Human.

Stellabelle, a skilled technical writer with over 10 years of graphic art experience serves as the pixEOS project’s Writer, Artist, Video Creator and GIF aficionado. Author of the book, Un-Crap Your Life, she is a self-described blockchain addict, and has built entire crypto communities from the ground up, including a crypto artist collective called Slothicorn.

Yusaymon is the Artist and Graphic Designer at pixEOS. He is a nomadic cryptocurrency artist and distraught painter. As a full stack designer, awesome visuals from Yusaymon are always just around the corner.

Many more Featured Artists are also sure to join in, so keep your eyes peeled for their amazing and unique designs, and of course you’re invited to join in. What will you decide to paint on the digital landscape? We can’t wait to find out!

Keep an eye out for the official launch of pixEOSrama this February!


I am interested and would love to participate especially with photographs.

This is exciting news! I would love to participate.

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