Pixel Art Weekly!! Theme Announcement!! Win Steem!!


Alright... Let's get right into it!
Welcome back to another round of
Pixel Art Weekly

Congrats to
for winning the last round!
He has decided to donate his winnings to this week's prize!!
He does a lot of posts about video games and runs the gaming trail...so go give him a follow.

The theme for this week is

(via behance.net)

(via doyoulovepuppiesido.blogspot.com)

(via Pinterest.com)

~Want To Help
Pixel Art Weekly Grow?~

Again, I'll be giving a reward to anyone that gets another artist to participate.
If you get someone new to enter and they mention you personally with their legitimate entry,
Pixel Art Weekly
will reward you with
5 SBD!

(via pinterest.com)

As always, the theme is interpretive.

(via Pinterest.com)

~The Rules~

Welcoming all artists to participate in
Pixel Art Weekly
where your pixel prowess can win you

~Pixel art is a form of digital art, created through the use of software, where images are edited on the pixel level.~

If you are unsure about what defines pixel art, please check out this link....

Contests will begin on Mondays, at which point the theme for the week will be revealed.
On Fridays I will post the top 3 and allow steemit users to vote for the final winner.
Winners will be announced on Sundays and will be rewarded half of all steem raised on that weeks posts.
To participate, contestants must put their entry in the comments below. They must also upvote and resteem the post.
Tag any and all personal posts regarding your entry with #pixelartweekly
Bonus points will be awarded for animated gifs.
All entries must be original works of art.

Keep It Weird Steemit!!


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My submission


x1 fail :(
I'm new at this


I really like it!


Thanks. It was fun to create

Heres my submission for the pixel art weekly! Excited to see what everyone comes up with!





thank you <3

Okay, here's mine for this week :)



This is sweet, good job. Following thanks for sharing.


I wasn't here for some time, but I'm finishing my entry now, I hope I will be on time!


It's still in progress!



You still have around 9hrs to do any editing you want to your entry


I think I have it. :)

Just going to write a post about it!



Thanks again!


That's awesome! Thank you! :)

haha, so lovely.

Woah awesome theme again @jonny-clearwater! It's a pity I can't join this week, because I'm on vacation in Barcelona. ;)


Piccata? Titicaca! I am Cornholio! I need piccata for my bunghole!

Here is my entry :)

Love it!!

Too late for me on this one, looking forward to the next one. All the entries look awesome!

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