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So cute.
I wish I had that ability.

congratulations mynameisbr, greetings know @ samsuel, I've seen all your posts, you are so amazing, therefore I want to follow you, because I just started in this steemit, your post is very useful hope you can help teach me about deeper know how to use steemit so that we become extraordinary like you, I salute you, a little from me. best regards @samsuel

Remember my younger days about this post like an old game in family computer. Thanks for the sharing @mynameisbrian

Nice...brought smile to my face..Thanks

Greetings know, pretty good I really like the work @mynameisbrian

Super cool pixel art! :D

Like a game in 80's 😃😃

jajajajaja very good!!!!

@doubledeeyt needs to try something like this! fun!

haha, that is pretty old school dude ! (-:

Nice, and it looks so fluent like 45-60fps, what did you use to make it? Photoshop? After Effects ?

As in the good old days....

I was waiting for the blood spray from the Ninja's katana slash attack! 👻🔪💔
Due to this blog post, I just spent one hour reading about the dying art of Ninjas.

dejo mi voto amigo!! realmente se valora tu esfuerzo !

Lol, nice good job.

Like a shadow... in the night :D

wow you kill it on steemit

Off topic warning How hard would it be to run a code to get the "Dead followers" as an active number that I can add at the bottom of my posts?

For example, this is what I have for my active steemit board. It would be cool if I could use your www.deadhomies website to put something that I don't have to reach for each time.
$sprinkle magic computer dust to make @mynameisbrian read this comment.


Sorry head wrapped around another project right now


Thanks anyways. I am just glad my $sprinkle magic dust worked. 😉

very creative 👍 @mynameisbrian

cool, very nice!

Excellent. Amazing what can be told with just a few pixels.