PitchPerfect week #26 - Win Votes and sbd with your musical ability " DSound Community Initiative"

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Sponsored by @mahdiYari, @dsound

Thanks to @timCliff, @thecryptodrive, @neoxian, @prc, @smacommunity, @moisesmcardona and @jatinhota for support the contest <3


Hello steemit musicians, with this post we open the week 26 of the PitchPerfect contest.

Objective of the contest:

We want the entire musical branch to be in only one place. Are you a singer? This is the perfect place. You make rap? come and participate. Are you an instrument performer? You are perfect for this contest. We do not want to leave anyone out.

Show us what you can do, win 1st place and take the vote of @TimCliff, @thecryptodrive, @neoxian and @moisesmcardona

What we look for in this contest:

You can be original if you wish, or you can interpret a song already created, what is sought in this contest is the passion with which you make your presentation, be the most successful in the notes, captivate with your interpretation and of course have fun with this. It does not matter if you record it from a cell phone or from an HD camera, it does not matter if you use the same cell phone microphone or a Neuman U87 microphone, the important thing is your presentation.

It is very easy to compete:

  • Record your song with any video device
  • Upload to YouTube or dtube
  • Create a post with the title "PitchPerfect Week #26 "song"
  • Example: "Pitchperfect Week #26 - Beat it (cover)" *
  • Vote and reestimate this post (it is important)
  • Vote for witness @moisesmcardona and other witness that soppurt the contest
  • The first label or tag will be "pitchperfect"


  • The video must include your username, you can mention it or place it in the video
  • Please, if you will use Dtube or another page to upload your video, also upload in youtube
  • You can choose any song you like, you can only sing or just play, it depends on you
  • You can be a soloist, duo or a group of 100 people if you wish
  • The entries made after the official post of the contest will be taken into account
  • Until Friday they have the chance to publish their post
  • @Moisesmcardona, @TimCliff, @thecryptodrive and @neoxian will give their vote to 1st place
  • To vote for @moisesmcardona has created an account @steem.place with the steps to follow, follow this account and vote for he
  • @dsound and @neoxian will be voting the official contest post

__ Attention: When you publish please leave it in the comments of this post, so I will not overlook any and so those who will give the prize will be able to vote (it is very important that you leave your post in the comment)__


The MONDAY days of each week will be launched this post with its respective enumeration... On SATURDAY the contest will close... PLEASE post your posts after the official post of MONDAY... This gives the Witness a chance to vote.

Continue supporting this contest, How can you do it ?, Please Vote and Reestime this post and Vote also to the witnesses that contribute in this contest. Go to this link https://steemit.com/~witnesses and vote on the list at @timcliff, @prc, @mahdiyari, @jatinhota, @thecryptodrive and @neoxian

For @moisesmcardona you just have to go to the bottom of the link

Join the PitchPerfect chat in Discord


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Pitchperfect now supported by the SMA community. Join the PitchPerfect chat in Discord here

created by @chiefmappster

Dsound Community Initiative



Entra a la comunidad Engránate usando el link de discord

Administrado por @untaljames

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aqui les dejo mi entrada en la semana #26 de este gran concurso.


hola todos, agradezco grandemente a los patrocinadores de este estupendo concurso @mahdiStar y @dsound y Gracias a @timCliff , @prc , @smacommunity , @moisesmcardona , @betamusic , @nainaztengra y @jatinhota por el apoyo.
esta es mi entrada

¡Hola gente chévere, bonita, con ganas de vivir jajaja! Aquí esta mi entrada para esta semana <3

Link a DLive

Link a YouTube

Hola a todos de regreso a éste fantástico concurso con el tema "Qué bello" de Kiara. Espero lo disfruten...

Hello, @alejandra23. Another week in Pitchperfect. Saludos a todos.



hola esta es mi entrada saludos agradezco grandemente a los patrocinadores de este estupendo concurso @mahdiStar y @dsound y Gracias a @timCliff , @prc , @smacommunity , @moisesmcardona , @betamusic , @nainaztengra y @jatinhota por el apoyo.

Fantastic contest!
Thank you for organising it!

Hola chicos quiero compartir mi entrada para el pitch perfect

Hola! Buen post. Muchas gracias. Le di mi voto. Voy a agregarte para seguir en contacto. Me gustaría grabar el video. Aquí les dejo mi openmic de esta semana. Una obra de Gabriel Fauré que canto y me acompaño al piano. Sigamos viendonos! Saludos hermanitos! https://steemit.com/openmic/@caripiano/steemit-openmic-week-95-apres-un-reve-caribay-saavedra-ii

Love it! Well done!

blog steemit banner.png

Hola amigos esta es mi participación, espero que la disfruten :)

¡Hola, Steemians! Les comparto un cover que hice de Dream Theater.

¡Espero que lo disfruten!

Un abrazo. :D