[Changelog] Piston 0.3.4

in piston •  2 years ago

Release 0.3.4


  • [Steem] Add Decentralized Exchange
  • [piston] add buy, sell call and allow multisig/coldsigning
  • [orderbook] new command to show orderbook of internal market
  • [piston] Add --chart to orderbook
  • [piston] Allow to add a 'password' to an account
  • [piston] show version on --version (#68)


  • [steem] through AccountDoesNotExistsException, fix dex-safe-mode
  • [piston] linting
  • [setup] fixup tox/module error
  • [docs] Documentation updates
  • [setup] require scrypt since wallet is encrypted
  • [utils] strip and enforce ascii on permlink
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Very cool! Here's the diff for those who are interested. I love the idea of interacting with the internal market from the command line. :) Thank you again @xerox for all your work on this.


This is what the orderbook looks like in the console:

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