Physics-Trail Magazine N.1 - Best Recent Physics Content on Steemit

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Welcome to the Physics-Trail Magazine N.1. The aim is to showcase some of the best Physics content on Steemit, to promote use of the #physics tag and to develop a community where writers, researchers, educators and students can interact and exchange ideas. My aim is to publish this curated list about every 3 days, but that also depends on what is being published.

The Physics Forum

I would also like to promote the Physics forum on chainBB. I requested its creation a few weeks back and, if you go take a look at it, you can see that it currently holds just 137 posts; compare this with over 14k for biology, although a lowly 51 for chemistry.

This isn't due to the lack of physicists or interest in physics, but purely down to the use of tags. On Steemit, you are allowed up to 5 tags, in any order, and your article will appear in each of those 5 streams. On chainBB, to avoid the same article appearing in different forums, the first tag is very important because it defines which forum your post goes into.

So, because it makes no difference to your article on Steemit, if your article is primarily about Physics then I would encourage you to use the #physics tag as the very first one in your list of tags.

Help for Minnows...

Although not specifically related to physics, this will be of interest to all of you who are fairly new to Steemit, so-called minnows. This is the Minnows Accelerator Project (MAP); there will be a new signup page posted in August but you can signup on the existing page as commenting always remains open. It would be good to see more science writers coming forward.

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Click here for the Physics forum on chainBB

Hope you enjoy the selection of articles below.

Physics-Trail Magazine N.1

Cosmological Mysteries: What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?


Which Tank Will Be Full First? (Think Smart; Be The Geek)


Statue made of bismuth with levitating magnetic cube


#SciencePic: Fun with infrared radiation


Three New Scientific Publications from [email protected]


Great Experiments (1) : Rutherford Scattering 偉大的實驗(一): 拉塞福散射


And, although I rarely promote my own articles in these magazines, just to break the ice, here are a couple:
Why do we not diffract if we run through an open doorway?
The Surreal Beauty of the Almost-Real. (But Spot The Errors!)

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I am happy to see this become real. I am definitely interested in physics. I get more into the theory and speculation side of things. Surely I'm a few years behind what is going on in the physics world, so this will help me get back on the pulse.

Thank You!

Thanks for the good article