Trying to reason quantum mechanic's fluctuations, uncertainty principles, shakiness and fuzziness from the assumption of determinism.

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The reasons that I can think about that may arise from deterministic laws now are:

  1. Eternal shakiness that is preserved due to conservation laws such as conservation of momentum.
  2. limitations of computations as soon as the theoretical level due to the 3 bodies problem was proven to be not possible to solve.
  3. Self interacting things, such as when charged particles that due to their movement become affected by their own magnetic fields and such as gravitational waves affected by the gravity of their own presence.
  4. Inherent deterministic lack of ability to simultaneously compute the mutual effects from the entire universe, even if restricted only to a finite space time that includes the computer itself. It seems similar or equivalent to the "halting problem".
    A computer can not even predict itself, so how can it predict something that includes the information about itself.
  5. Effect of measurements on what they are supposed to measure.

What I wrote are only ideas, and not claims.
My knowledge in physics is merely and barely conceptional.
Would appreciate corrections to my post.

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