Cityscape Photo Contest ~ Week 34

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Last week @axeman gave me an honorable mention for my cityscape from Victoria which was a big thrill for me, so I'm going to try again this week with a photo from a different city. Here's a link to the Cityscape photo contest.

This week I'm entering a panorama of the Coal Harbour district in Vancouver. I shot this from Stanley park, taking five shots which I then combined in Photoshop.

Nikon D7100, 1/125s f/11.0 ISO400 20mm

Does anyone else think maybe they hired just one architect to design all these buildings? I've always wondered that about Vancouver. It's a beautiful city though, and I liked the mirror-like reflections of the buildings and sky on the water.


I'm including another shot just for fun. This one was taken the following day with a different camera, standing more or less beside the tree on the right-hand edge of the first photo.

Fuji X100S, 1/160s f/11.0 ISO320 23mm

I hope you enjoyed these photos, which were both taken by me, @keithboone. Click on them if you'd like to view larger, and thanks very much for visiting.

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Week 4 of my contest just started...check it out!
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Amazing photos, Keith with the reflections. The last is my fav with the perspective of the poles standing in front and spot of red to the left of the boats.

Thank you, you're probably right about the 2ns shot being better. I'm not really a big fan of panoramas when seen on a computer screen... it's too hard to see anything. When you print one large it's a different story though, then it can look very cool.

a great view!

Thanks very much!

Terrific panorama.

Thanks so much!

While the second shot is distinctly more interesting in some ways, especially with the interest in the foreground. I like the way you presented that one...

However, the panorama! I can see that happening in an office building, civic building or some other municipal building. It would be an amazing shot to view as I am walking in off the street.

Very impressive and the reflection is stunning. Of course, all of your work is. I'll be back tomorrow to steem.

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Thanks a lot, Denise! I agree about the 2nd shot, but not necessarily for a cityscape contest... I can imagine the judge saying "that's a marina" more than a city. I appreciate the comment & all your support.

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