StreetPhotography - How to Make Streetphotography With a Smartphone Camera? -2-

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StreetPhotography - How to Make Streetphotography With a Smartphone Camera? -2-


Xiaomi Mi8 // 4 mm ~ f1.8 ~ 1/240s ~ ISO100

As you all know i like street photography too much and it is my passion and also a meditation for me. Sometimes,especially in a busy day,you can not take your gear with you to take pictures but your smartphone is always with you and it has a camera too so you save the day with it !!

Smartphone cameras had unsuccessful censors and lenses in the old good days,in addition to this they had really slow shutter speed and had bad autofocus systems.Thus,picture qualities were really awful for a photographer. But nowadays everything has changed. They have high shutter speed and really good autofocus systems.Meanwhile they have fine ISO capability. Therefore there is only one thing missing that is a keen photographer who has good eyes to see.

I use Kuni, VSCO and Snapseed for the picture editing on my phone.

As an amateur photographer it is also important point for me : time... You would have a good gear,you would be talented about photography.Unless you have any time for photography,having good gear and being talented is not important.








Xiaomi Mi8

Streetphotography doesn't depend on only chance and good gear but also you must be keen for photography and you need to have really sharp eyes which works with your heart and understand the world. And you are as romantic as Nazım Hikmet ( a really famous Turkish Poet) and feel the wind blowing through your hair and also feel the street of world beating in your veins.

Have a nice and wonderful weeks for everyone who loves and to be loved.

All photos and drawings are belongs to me and for sale in HQ digital format for Steem/SBD, please contact if interested at discord @mnallica

CameraXiaomi Mi8

Hi, i am Mustafa...I hope you enjoy my works my Steemian friends and if you like please resteem and upvote my works to support me...!!


Stunning photos, my favourite is the clouds and blue sky looking up the steps. My phone is my only camera, and it does a reasonable job given I’m no photographer!

#thealliance #witness

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I enjoyed your work and agree with you, although good gear makes a difference it is an eye that makes the photographer.

Very nice photos! I wish my cell phone took better pics.

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