Yellow Submarine?

in photogrpahy •  5 months ago

No, just an old train wagon.
But so pretty and yellow with pretty rusty parts :)

rust yellow train.jpg

rust yellow train 2.jpg

My contribution to #RustArtWednesday challenge by @erikah

Shot with Lumix DMC-FZ8
(ƒ/5, 1/250, 6mm, ISO100)
Click on the image to view full screen!


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We all live in a Yellow Submarine,
We hate the stupid thing,
We want to paint it green.


Yes yes!
Green is my fav colour :D

You're lucky to have that depo near you, must be a great place for rust photos. Can you find lichen there? 😁


This one was about 140 km away... but it still is a very cool place.
No lichen on this one. They don't grow on paint? :o :p


Probably they need a more fertile place :)