Beautiful natural disaster

in photography •  last year 

Today morning was nothing less than ordinary springtime little rain and sun exchanged.
Then suddenly around 11 AM the temperature suddenly dropped and a catastrophe started.
It has started to snow. Have in mind I'm from west Hercegovina we don't usually have snow during winter (or it is a couple of days max).
This is Mediterranean climate and we started our work on agriculture during late February. even the wild trees start to blossom in March.
Most of my crops are ruined and we will need to start over.

But I don't want to be the bringer of only bad news. There has been a great opportunity for a lot of pictures.

A waterhole for wild animals.
2018-03-21 12.40.38.jpg

St. Catharine church in Grude
2018-03-21 14.32.05.jpg

Peachtree in full bloom
2018-03-21 14.36.25.jpg

Some trees near one big firm.
2018-03-21 14.36.05.jpg

Wild pear
2018-03-21 14.40.09.jpg

Don't know what tree is this
2018-03-21 14.42.02.jpg

Almond tree
2018-03-21 14.48.05.jpg

Olive tree
2018-03-21 14.48.21.jpg

2018-03-21 14.48.41.jpg

2018-03-21 14.48.52.jpg

2018-03-21 15.02.39.jpg

2018-03-21 15.05.11.jpg

Palm tree
2018-03-21 15.06.49.jpg

Some flowers
2018-03-21 15.07.18.jpg

This little guy (Violet)
2018-03-21 15.29.00.jpg

Hazelnut tree
2018-03-21 15.37.04.jpg

And my crops ruined(︶︿︶)
2018-03-21 15.10.57.jpg

This catastrophe will eat most of my steem power up money.
Beter luck next time.

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(Couldn't get my vote to go through at first) I had no idea the climate was so temperate over there. We got like, a foot of snow this week. Maybe I should move to California! Ahh, but the earthquakes...


This is highly unusual for this part of the world, as I mentioned in a post we usually start farming in February. Usually, temperatures for late March is around 15 to 20 degree Celsius.

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