Sepia Saturday - Train Museum (With Crappy Camera)

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Today is #sepiasaturday, organised by @old-guy-photos. I like sepia photos as much as I like black and white; really, monochrome photos as a whole really impress me. Every photo is meant to evoke an emotion and tell a story. Sometimes black and white or sepia does that well, better than colour. One place that this format lends itself well to is at a steam train museum.

First, the #crappycameraphotos. I was going to take more - I really thought that this was going to be the best place for it - but I forgot to charge the battery! ARGGH! So all I got were these two gems: one with The Boy set to work, and another of an old Reading Rail engine.



And now some others from a more modern camera. First is that same Reading engine, but with a 20 megapixel sensor and better shutter control instead of a 0.4 megapixel sensor with little shutter control.


I could easily share a hundred pictures of the museum and the things inside it. I feel like a giddy little kid again every time I see a steam train. I won't.



Look at the size of these tools. They're huge. Huge! Big tools for big machines. I have, in my possession, two sets of tools from old railroaders. One is a fine set of tools for fine, delicate work inside the engine. The other is a heavy-ass toolbox I can barely lift without herniating myself. The men who worked on building these were giants!



Finally, I got to bring home a little piece of nostalgia: a train my size. @dswigle would opine that there must always be flowers, a sentiment to which I wholeheartedly agree; however, I would add for myself, there must always be toys.


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Crappy trendo. Haha. :) Thanks!

Beautiful sepia work, @wwwiebe. I love how it makes everything look so rustic. The picture of the boy is really interesting. I would never guess it was taken recently. And the trains are amazing!

Thank you! We only got to see about half the trains before the boys got too bored for words.

The Strasburg Railroad, right across the street, just received a magnificent Norfolk Western steam engine while we were there. I loved watching it. It was huge! The boys, however, are more a product of the 21st century. Alas.

I want solar-powered cameras...Also, snow-powered cameras, rain-powered cameras, mud-powered cameras...

Good job! Happy Sunday!

Hahahahaha! Yes! Yes, exactly!

Thank you!

I like the train and the tools photos, you did a good job taking them.

I like the train and
The tools photos, you did a
Good job taking them.

                 - roselifecoach

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you very much!

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Wait!!! Where are the flowers?

How can you end a post
Without a real ending?
We all know that there
Always be flowers

Goodnight, Victor! Of to work!


No flowers in this post, but there were toys! Does that count?

Sort of... :)

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Sepia really lends itself well to those.

It really does. I was looking forward to this trip all week. I'm a little dissapointed we didn't get to see the entire museum, but such is life with children. Still a great day out!

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Haha! Howdy sir wwwiebe! That place looks wonderful, I assume they had a steam engine that actually ran also?