A Very Sad Summer for both Portugal and Mother Nature 🌲

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Hi guys!


Today I went to visit a friend of mine in the interior center of Portugal, Guarda. It is itself a beautiful city and despite being always really cold due to the fact that it has an altitude of around 1000m above sea level it has the cosy feel of a village and I'll post about it in the future.
But this post is not about the highest city in Portugal, it's dedicated to the hundreds of people that lost their houses or even family members and to the hundreds of hectares of green land and fertile soil that was just deleted this summer. This was a very sad summer both to the Portuguese people and mother nature.
As we were in Guarda we decided to take a quick detour to Portugal's highest (continental) point, the Serra da Estrela that is approximately 70km from where we were (you might think thats close but you should've seen the roads we took!!), all of a sudden we were chocked by this view and had to stop on the road side to take some shots and share with as many people I can:



Panoramic view of the road side:


Amnesty International, a world-wide charity organisation is also providing a secure link to the victims if any of you want to help out:

As always, Have a great day


Amazing views. Thank you for sharing

You are very welcome! :)

Que tristeza...
Li no Twitter por altura dos grandes incêndios uma frase de alguém que estava numa zona que não foi afectada mas que as cinzas tinham lá chegado.
"Estou no quintal a varrer o chão cheio de cinzas e a sensação que tenho é que estou a varrer a vida de alguém"
Esta frase nunca mais me saiu da memória!

Arrepiante. Foi um ano muito triste para Portugal e para a humanidade. Ouvi algumas comunicações entre os bombeiros da area por radio e não aguentei as lagrimas. É triste que mesmo depois de uma tragédia destas duvido que as coisas mudem, relativamente a soluções ou medidas de prevenção..

Pois... Em relação às coisas mudarem também tenho muitas dúvidas! Vamos ver...

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