A Panorama View Over the Ocean @ Lagos, Portugal - Sunset - Summer Solstice 2018

in photography •  4 months ago

During my recent trip to Portugal's souther coast I created some nice photo memories of some of the special places we visited. I took this photo on the longest day of the year - also the day after my 40th Birthday..

There was a great mixture of ancient vibrations, along with warmth and tranquillity that is so far away from the feeling of being in city that it cannot be overstated!

lagos - sunset panorama

Click the image to view it full size in your browser

More to come tomorrow when I have more time to post :)

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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Man! i am so much excited, I don't know how to express/qualify the rating of your camera i think its cool.
i think i need a visit from @ura-soul


hehe, thanks. the camera is actually just the one on my tablet - it's not really anything special. I used an android app called mx camera to do the panorama shot. Later I improved the colours a bit in a photo editor.


I must commend your hand work! i enjoyed it all.

Great shot.
Good time to break out the panorama.

that's amazing view
keep sharing such beauty shots @ura-soul

Beautiful photography, beautiful landscape<3.

ahah.. I was at Portimão on that day! ;)


I was at Praia Da Roche the next day actually :)

The landscape and surroundings looks amazingly unique and naturally beautiful

Life renewed itself for me at 40 and took off in new directions - I felt reborn. Hope this switch to a new decade is good for you 🔆