Nobre & Leal - A Great Graffiti Piece in Porto (Portugal)

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Hello there!

As you should know by now, I'm always on the lookout for Street Art pieces... and I have quite a few stored in my photo collection.

Today I bring you a superb Graffiti I've found in my hometown of Porto, Portugal. This is a collaboration between two local artists - MrDheo e Hazul Luzah - and it's situated right outside the Metro Station of Trindade, right in the very center of the town.

This work of art, painted in 2014, occupies a 250 square meters wall. It's so huge you can't miss it. What you see on the photo below is only half of it.


The above character was painted by MrDheo and if you follow the trail from the spray can, towards the left side of the mural, you'll see it morphing into the work from Hazul Luzah...


The left side of the wall makes me think of @sanderjansenart's work. Unlike MrDheo, who specialises in ultra realistic portraits, Hazul Luzah has a much more surrealist style and his pieces are usually a mix between reality and fantasy. A wide variety of shapes and colours are his signature style!


Next I'll show you a shot showing the whole piece (as much as possible since the wall behind me prevented from moving any further. I was glued to the wall and using the viewfinder to get the wider possible angle.)

Here you can see the great contrast between both styles... and they complement each other so well, one could be easily fooled to think it was done by a single artist, were it not for such different styles.


With this new camera, I can do a much better job at capturing images like this. I used to be somewaht disappointed that my previous camera couldn't grab all the details I wanted to. 😑

But not anymore. The only problem is I can't go back in time and take the same shots with this one! 🙃

A few details are probably only obvious to the Portuguese readers, so I'll point out a few things you might not know:

  • The name "A Invicta" that you can read on the top of the mural means "The Undefeated" and it's a reference to the city's past, which stayed undefeated during a siege that lasted over a year, while the enemies were camped all around the city. This battle was part of the 1832-34 Liberal Wars, also know as the Portuguese Civil War. It called by some as the War of the Two Brothers, since the opposing factions were two brothers fighting for the Kingdom of Portugal. Spain, the United Kingdom, France and even the Catholic Church were involved, supporting one brother or the other. At one point, Spain was supporting one brother and then, in 1833, they changed their support to the other brother. Yeah, it was a big, big mess. 🙃

  • The name of the piece is "Nobre & Leal", meaning "Noble & Loyal", another reference to the city's nickname, "Antiga, Mui Nobre, Sempre Leal e Invicta Cidade do Porto". (in English: Ancient, Very Noble, Always Loyal and Undefeated City of Porto).

  • The Blue colour is linked to the city since its foundation, as the first flag used by D. Afonso Henriques, the Ffounder and First King of Portugal, was a Blue Cross on a White Background:


(As you can see in Wikipedia, until 1248, there were no other colours in the Portuguese flag.) Then they start adding more colours, shapes and symbols, but the basis of the White and Blue Flag is always there:


I bet there are a few Portuguese who'd like to see any traces of white and blue being removed from the flag but they can forget that idea. It won't happen, not anytime soon. 😂 😂 😂


  • Blue is also the main colour used by the major football club from the city. So you can see how important this colour is to the city and its inhabitants. And let's not forget the blue sea, which bathes the city! 😎

So, I started putting together a post about #Graffiti and ended up with a short adventure through the #History of Portugal. 🤔

I hope you enjoyed it... but if this information is completely useless to you, I'm sorry. No, I'm not. Ah ah! 😆

CameraPanasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
Location#Porto - #Portugal
Photos4 Untouched


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Fantastic art! You are a great street art "hunter" . So big! Thanks for sharing amazing ang gorgeous art :)

Thanks. There are amazing pieces everywhere and still a lot to be discovered, even in my own hometown! 🙃

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Thanks for the story! Although I like Portugal a lot, I don't know its history. The paintings are great. !trdo

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Eehheheh, the things people come up with. 😉

I hope you don't mind ... I don't think I understood the meaning of what you said. I am not a fine connoisseur of English.

I mean that people come up with the strangest ideas.

You're welcome. These kind of murals were forbidden and unthinkable back when I grew up. Now, they make part of the city and some are even requested by the City Hall. 😊

The same situation in Romania!

seriously do you like travel the world to take graffiti pictures?

No, but I never pass the opportunity to admire them. Were you already following me when I did my Graffiti in Munich series?

I don't know. I can't remember.

its totally mindboggling. i hope you don't mind me checking the rest tomorrow when I got a proper rest and sleep. I need to see them. Like see them

Wow awesome wall art 😍

Thanks for stopping by, Lia!

Beautiful art and great history lesson. Thank you, I learned something new. 😊

I'm glad you enjoyed this post, @starjewel! Thanks for your visit.

great street art @trincowski.

It sure is, Marya! ☺️

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Esses grafitis sao mesmo excelentes, eu digo-te eu acho que grafitar devia ser legal desde que a pessoa que fosse fazer o grafiti tirasse um curso ou uma licença primeiro, porque isso e mais bonito do que uma parede branca... As pessoas e que associam grafitis com os bairros de lata e suburbios e nao querem grafitis... mas bons grafitis dao vida a uma cidade!

É uma faca de dois legumes... os artistas têm que começar do zero, a maioria começa por fazer tags feias. São precisos anos de experiências falhadas até chegar a este nível! 😝

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Good to see you're still keeping up the good work. Excellent post @trincowski.

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Thank you very much, @lady-idra! What are you up to, nowadays?

You're welcome @trincowski, well deserved compliment. 🌟
Lady Idra has done some travelling, drawing, playing music, watching political & social turmoils from sidelines, documentaries & Asian films while munching on healthy snacks. Having a medical procedure on Tuesday, so I am behaving like a good girl 👧🏻🎈 - waiting lists and waiting rooms suck.
I am planning on stop lurking and getting back-on posting next month.

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Recently only I realized the name Graffiti is exclusively uses for street art. It is some of the art form we feel it different. They are in a rare category. I remember few instances in which these street artists are made sketches on the road that made it in 3D was great.

You post looks great with some wonderful pictures ofcourse.

Thank you very much. I'm glad you appreciated it.

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Thank you for the great photos!

Thanks for your visit, Tais!

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Thank you very much.

@trincowski, These are Mind Blowing Art pieces and epic too. Thank you so much for letting us know about these art pieces.

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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Cool murals and style. I can totally see why the left one reminds you bit of my style :)

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Eh, eh! Thanks. I'm glad you liked it!