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in photography •  5 months ago

I've finally got the new camera I was setting my eyes on. I was thinking about it for a few months. Studying alternatives, comparing reviews... etc.

In the end, I've decided I wasn't going to find anything better in this price range, so I went ahead and bought it.

It's a Panasonic DC-TZ90. This camera attracted me for being so different from the one I was using: the Canon IXUS 210.

  • While the Canon IXUS 210 is awesome for Landscape and Street photography, its Zoom Capabilities are extremely limited. With an Optical Zoom of 5x, there were many situations when I wished I had something just a little better.

  • Panasonic DC-TZ90 has the downside of being larger, so it doesn't fit into my pocket. I need to carry a small backpack instead but it's really worth it. So far, I think it's just as good for Landscape and Street photography... but the Zoom Capabilities of this camera are truly spectacular!
    With an Optical Zoom of 30x and a Digital Zoom of 60x, the Panasonic DC-TZ90 allows me to take some photos I couldn't even dream of trying.

Here are a few experiences I did yesterday evening.

Cat #1

I saw this little guy looking at me, at a distance. Perfect for my first Zoom Test.


The sun was already starting to hide. The Automatic Flash fired... and I immediately saw the end result would be horrible. I wasn't mistaken.

Flash isn't supposed to be used at this distance.

I tried correcting the White Balance, in vain. The end result was equally crappy.

The Flash had already ruined the photo. No editing could salvage it.

No harm done... I took another photo with the Flash turned off.

In this situation, it's better to turn off the Flash. Now I can see the real colours of the cat.

Please keep in mind that these photos were taken with an Optical Zoom of 30x, the camera's absolute limit.


My next test was simpler. This dog was not so distant. But it was getting darker...


As soon as he saw me, he stuck his tongue out.


Anyway, I've set the Optical Zoom to 4x or 5x and took a couple of shots at him.


He barks a lot... but he seems friendly.


These were taken with an Optical Zoom of 4x or 5x and the quality seems as good as when using an Optical Zoom of 30x.

Cat #2

When I pass by this place I encounter this little guy a lot of times. He's a very scaredy youngster and runs away as soon as anyone approaches. Another perfect subject for Testing the Zoom Capabilities of this camera.


Another failed attempt with the Flash.

Yep, Flash ruined the photo again.

And another failed attempt at correcting the photo by messing up with the White Balance in GIMP.

GIMP is great but performing miracles is something you cannot ask it to do.

Once again, the photo looks a lot better without firing the Flash.

He looks a lot better without the radioactive eyes... doesn't he?

Once again, the Optical Zoom was set to 30x!!!


So far, I'm enjoying the camera. I didn't thought it was going to be this good. With the Optical Zoom set to 30x, and using no tripod, the camera's image stability is really good. A lot better than the Canon IXUS 210 when using an Optical Zoom of just 5x.

I'll make a few more tests on the weekend.

CameraPanasonic DC-TZ90
LocationModivas, Vila do Conde - Portugal
Edited with GIMP

What about you? Which Camera do you prefer for travelling? And why...!?

@trincowski signing out.

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Great shots, Ricardo, good luck with your new camera, I can't wait to see what you will come up with it!


I'm sure I'll have lots of fun... and I'll be able to make shots that I couldn't before.


Yes, you will, Ricardo! It will be fun!

The zoom power is impressive. Congratulation for the new camera. Yay!!


It's really amazing!!! It was well worth the money! But now I'm afraid to travel with it. I might be robbed. Aahahahah!

É da minha vista (ou da óptica) ou estão duas árvores aos xoxos lá ao fundo!? :0


Estão mesmo! :-D

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Cool experiment.
A good approximation of the camera


Cool experiment.
A good approximation
Of the camera

                 - apnigrich

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