Wadi Rum

in photography •  5 months ago


Wadi Rum is spectacular. It is like something out of a movie. It makes you feel small and the desert so powerful over you. There are many jeep tours you can take during your stay in Wadi Rum all around the desert.

One day can be easily spent touring around with a jeep. Make sure to return for a sunset camel ride as the heat has gone down and you can enjoy the breathtaking views with no rush.

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dreaming, dreaming, dreaming

It's a cool pic!
Jordan is a country that unfortunately we have not traveled yet.
Greetings from Austria

I think Jeep tour with fresh cold juices and friends will be a good adventure

wow, nice!

love the desert! i live around 300km from wadi rum but i never been there. seems like a beautiful place.
heres my post about my dad's factory if somone interested (you vote me -i vote you and follow)-


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beautiful capture, i love the desert😊

Wonderful landscape! It looks like a movie scene!

I absolutely love this picture

nice place and nice shot