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in photography •  6 months ago

Okay, this is more like a "Mostly Silent Sunday" because as everyone knows, it's near to impossible for me to NOT use my words...LOL!

I'm still working on reducing, cropping, and captioning a bunch of captures from last week's Harvest Moon, and I'm hoping to get it posted tomorrow. However, I was out in our (Durham, NH) yard earlier this afternoon, and noticed bits of fall foliage finally making an appearance, and I couldn't resist sharing them. Expect many, even more colorful snaps in the coming weeks!






















Happy Sunday!


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Gorgeous fall shots I do love the color of fall but also feel it is mother natures way of teasing us with warm colors before the long grey winter


Thanks, @tattoodjay and actually, that sounds about right...LOL! Mother Nature can be a bit bratty all the time sometimes. 😜


Ohh yes she keeps us on our toes never know what is coming

Mother Nature does her tricks at life.. And if we're lucky we get to capture it in action.


Very true, @ireenchew! In fact, I think for every shot I get of her magic in action, I miss three! LOL!

love the red leaves. am missing them.

i lived in Quebec province before and autumn is VERY beautiful there, the golden, the red, just lovely. here in BC province, autumn is as pretty but no red leaves where I live :-(


Ahh, that's such a bummer, @thekitchenfairy! When I was younger, I wanted to live anyplace else other than New England, even with it's amazing fall colors. Now I can't imagine being away from it, especially the vibrant reds. Speaking of, I'm hoping to get some shots soon of a neighbor's tree that is absolutely brilliantly flame colored this time of year - I'll try to remember to shout out if I do, so you can pretend, if only for a moment, that it's outside your window. 😊

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Glad to see you up and around taking some pretty pictures. Unfortunately palm trees do not change color here in South TX. It is incredibly green though here as we've had a good bit of rain lately. With that comes apocalyptic amounts of mosquitoes so there's always a trade off. Can't wait to see your moon shots. Sending Love your way. ..


Yeah, give me another month or two, and I'll stop remembering how much I love the change of the seasons, and will start envying you your greenery and warmth (conveniently forgetting about the blood suckers). And thanks - I'm having good days and bad, but managing to take advantage the good when it happens, so I can't complain. Lotsa love right back atcha! 💜

It is definitely beginning! Lots of lovely signs of fall


It's running a bit late this year, but I get the feeling it will be amazing when it's fully here!

Love it! Keep 'em coming!!

A fav'rite Autumn photo courtesy of


My goodness! I am in love with them all :D <333 Seriously, @traciyork, each photo is absoulutely beautyfull.

Who knew leaves could hols such beauty! I LOVE this time of year


Exactly, @goldendawne - I never get tired of looking at them! And I love it too! 💛

howdy there traciyork! wow, very stunning photos all of them! I love this time of year because I'm tired of sweating my tail off and the fall colors are a wonderful site! great job.


Thanks so much, @janton and I agree - our weather here in New England has been very Texas-like, with all the 80 degree fall days so far. However, we're finally getting some seasonal temps, which I will enjoy for the two seconds before the thermometer drops below zero for a few months...LOL! Much appreciate you stopping by, and your kind words.

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