Powerful South African Sun

in photography •  6 months ago


This was taken coming back from a lovely day trip to Hartbeespoort. I went to a flee market there, where there were lots of beautiful African souvenirs for sale. Anyone who got close to the flea market and looked remotely like a tourist, would be drawn in by the men standing outside. One would not leave, until the crafty salesmen had drawn every last coin out of your pocket. One would leave with far too many trinkets, having spent for too much on them. It was impressive to see these expert merchants reel you in and within seconds, they had you wrapped around their finger.

Photographed on iPhone X.

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very nice and peaceful


thank you!

Last warning @tinyvoicez!

Next time I will have to flag your post!

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Hi @photofriend, thanks for your comment. I have read the rules and am aware of what they say. Could you please clarify what rule I’m breaking so that we’re on the same page? Thank you.



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Thanks @photofriend for clarifying. I am now a shareholder and will become a team member when I have the time to write a post in chat.

How beautiful Southafrica is, one of the countries I want to visit someday.. thank you for making me feeling there for a second!


Going to South Africa was a wonderful experience. Thanks for the lovely comment!

So beautiful and its wonderful view.. nice photograph at south africa, i want to visit there.

good job


I definitely recommend going to SA for a holiday :)