TimTravels - Singapore Night-times + MyPictureDay Challenge Round #34

in #photography4 years ago

Welcome back my dear Steemian friends! I had a crazy time in Asia and just arrived back home...

...I already miss it! Traveling for more than four weeks in Asia I was fortune enough to capture the beauty of South-East-Asia. During the next weeks I will post pictures and videos from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and more!

In todays post I will show you some of my night shots I took in Singapore, but that's not all! The MyPictureDay photography contest is back and will continue on a weekly basis. In order to get more people into the contest, I will start to promote the contest also outside of Steemit to get more people into it. There are many photographers worldwide that just wait to show us their pictures and even win some prizes!

Now let's get back to the photographs I took in Singapore! Can you name the places you see in these pictures?

MyPictureDay #34

Now it's your turn! Let us know how your PhotographyDay looks like! Grab your camera (or mobile phone) and go out, take some shots and share them on Steemit! MyPictureDay is about going out, taking pictures and share your passion. It's about telling stories and capture moments for us. Using old pictures is against the essence of this contest.

The best PictureDay post gets 15 SBD onto his account, the second place 10 SBD and the third place 5 SBD.

How to you participate?

    The Rules!

    Let us know how your PhotographyDay looks like! Grab your camera (or mobile phone) and go out, take some shots and share them on Steemit!

    The best PictureDay post gets 15 SBD onto his account, the second place 10 SBD and the third place 5 SBD.

    How to you participate?

    • Make a photography post with at least three shots and tag them with the hashtag: mypictureday and photography, resteem this post.
    • Important! Write MyPictureDay in the title of the post. For instance: Flower Power - MyPictureDay Submission
    • Only use your own work. You are not allowed to use any stock images. Every entry will be reverse-searched and automatically disqualified when other peoples content was found.
    • The pictures must be from the week of the entry.
    • Deadline for your entry is Sunday 27.10, 8 pm UTC.
    • Write us what you did on this day and what camera you used for your shots.
    • You can use any device that takes pictures. iPhones, DSLRs, analog cameras, any phone etc.

    1st Place = 15 SBD

    2nd Place = 10 SBD

    3rd Place = 5 SBD

    Steem on,


I have had about that city I am a die had fan of that city my dream is to be in that city one day take some pictures go for a swim enter club hang out with chicks.

The architecture of that city is amazing! I recently read that the man who was behind planning Singapore is in negotiations to design a new plan for Accra Ghana.

Singapore has amazing architecture. Your night time photography makes the buildings look even more amazing

I agree with you!

This is the main reason why I keep coming back to Singapore. For me, they have the best architecture. I love the night shots!


Awesome pics!
If you like Singapore and love some stories and background too (e.g. what is about those fancy solar trees) check out my posts (english/german) about Singapore here:

Afterwards you may take a sec and compare the rewards and the time spent of this vs. mine posts and reflect if this is fair and balanced.
If you agree, you can upvote this comment.

Hi, this is my entry post. I’m sorry that I couldn’t resteem your post anymore when I saw it after it’s 7 days old. Look forward to your next contest!

I love the lighting in these pictures, the way the lights pop is very nice!
also Singapore makes for a very nice subject.

Amazing, i hope to vist Singapore

Ah je was in SG. Mij is verteld dat je komt en hoopt op een inhaalsessie met je, maar het gebeurde uiteindelijk niet. Denk dat je laatste dag hier echt vast zat. Het allerbeste met de wedstrijd!

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Hey! Are you coming to SF3?

Yay! See ya in Krakow :)

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Great pictures! We were in Singapore 2 years ago and also saw the Marina bay and the Super trees too... Such a great experience, hopefully we'll go back there next time we're in Asia.

I used to love a girl in indonesia. she is more beautiful than all! But the earthquake just took her away ... I was shocked and disoriented to look at the truth of indonesia. where my heart is dead ....

Oralardan çok uzakta olsamda bir gün mutlaka gelirim. Sevgiler


Amaging Pictues!!!! I am very impressed by your pictures

beautiful pics, i wish i can see this live

I live in Kuala Lumpur and look forward to seeing more of your pictures from our nook of the world.. inspiring stuff, the sands and S, pore in general has a very futuristic jetsons feel.. Nice work

Wow! Amazing photographs! Love it!

Love this posts, because Bern there couple of times but never captured such pictures like yours.
Just an amazing photography.

Wow, that looks like such a beautiful city. Maybe I should take some pictures of my city to show it off.

splendid, it would be great to be able to enjoy that view

I hope you would like to visit my country Kashmir and take amazing pictures of natural beauty.

Great shots man. Check out my photography series. Entirely about the most beautiful locations in India.

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Congratulation @timsaid wonderful Singapore photography I hope you are successful In this post.

Tim those are some really nice pictures, i didnt know singapore could look so great, the architecture looks super futuristic, really impressive keep up the good work.

The pictures you took are outstanding! I love them all! SG will always have a place in my heart..

When I wrote your post, I felt like every dream, I thought it could never be a reality.But all this is real and I am very happy to see all of this.all pic is too good.

The photo of the night scene is very good. I will attend the very good activities. Thank you.

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Cool pictures. Nice place!

Awesome pictures. I like Singapore!

Some beautiful shots there! And that's cool to see you're doing the contest again. Did you ever announce the winner for the last one? My father entered it and told me he put some time into it, but.. I just looked and I still don't see an announcement on it? Maybe I just missed it somewhere in one of your other posts?

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Wow, beautiful pictures, and a beautiful place.

good picture , have a nice day

Singapore looks awesome I would love to visit it 1 day

The beautiful view plus your amazing skills = excellent! I love the night shots. The Esplanade was so beautiful!!

Beautiful pics you got there! Haven't been to SG but I'm excited to visit that wonderful place with beautiful singaporeans :)

You've got a bunch of spectacular photos here. I think the first one is the ArtScience Museum. It's more majestic looking during the night when there are lights illuminating it.

WOW what camera are you using ? Those shots look amazing.

Wow, really nice pictures!!!

Ah you were in SG. I was told by someone that you are coming over and hope for a catch up session with you but it did not happen eventually. Guess your last day here was really tied up. All the best with the contest!

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Ki likhsos re bos. kisui to bojha jasse na.

sir nice pic theme. really amazing pic

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Do you want to come to Vietnam? I am passionate about nature! If you come to Vietnam please contact me I take you up the mountain to admire the scenery! More than that, invite you folk food of the countryside. We are very hospitable and will not take away any of your costs. everything is free . Please contact me! welcome

Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.

I wanna go there !!! haha :D

Bu nasıl bi site aq çözemedim hala

You take really amazing photos! Do you also do tutorials? Even on Youtube?

Thanks buddy! I never did any video tutorials

I think it would be great if you could make a tutorial, just like what @paoalegre said..
Just give tips on photography! A short video would gather viewers who are interested in that...

You really have a talent!

I'd surely be one of the viewers on his tutorials!

Hey @timsaid! You might want to consider what @jeffbrown11 suggested.

Thanks bro!

wow. you have a really good photography skills brother. waiting my new phone arrive and should can join your contest soon

OMG, my homeland. lovely

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MyPictureDay Submission - Waves are measured not in feet and inches, but in increment of fear

Today wind was up to 30m/s in gusts, which is pretty a lot of even for Klaipeda stormy autumn. And direction of waves was just perfect since they were hitting the stones and covering the lighthouse just in most perfect way


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


Nice picture. Great place too!

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