Do It For Forest: Follow, upvote, comment, resteem to save the Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon -> each 11$ = 10x10 m forest saved!

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We would like to simply use steemit as fundraising tool to get resources to save and restore misty mountain forest in Kedjom-Keku´s quarter called Abongphen. Forest is themost important watershed area in the region and it belongs to biodiversity hotpots - places with the high priority to be protected. So therefor all of our steem profit will be directed towards forest conservation, raising education & awareness, improving living standards of locals, research & ecotourism and transparency.

Our goal is to protect and restore 1,000 hectares of forest by 2025!

Far more details about our conservation and development program find here:




Endemic species Bannerman´s turaco (Tauraco bannermani) needs forest to survive (last 2,000 individuals remaining)

Small group of Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee - the most endangered subspecies of chimpanzee (Pan troglodyte ellioti) found their home in the mountain forest (last 3,500 individuals remaining)

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Hey @kedjom-keku i promoted this post with 75$, now everybody sees the post at the promoted tab, i hope it will help.


Hey! I don´t know what to say. That is purely great. Thank you very much.

I have been lucky enough to have had a chance to help with hard work kedjom-keku is doing and I hope people on steemit will find this project as beautiful as I did and will support the hard work. Good luck and welcome to steemit!


We have been lucky as well you could help us. Thank you;)

I have followed you guys to be updated with your new posts. I am glad to know that I am not the only one posting awareness articles here on steemit.


Yes. We should join our forces. I do follow you too

I hope this posts gets more attention. I have made several posts to allow me to donate to causes I support including KIVA, Wildlife Warriors and Rainforest Trust. Resteemed.


Have upvoted, resteemed, shared to the We Love Steemit FB group and sent you a steem donation


thank you for the idea. we will just do it


thanks plenty for your donation;)

Worthy and noble effort. I wish you best of luck in raising funds to help save your forest. Be nice to see people doing most stuff like this opposed to destroying the beauty in this world. Upvoted.


thank you! We should join forces to save our environment.

Resteemed !


great. thanks very much

Upvoted and resteemed!


This is really laudable and worthy of note. We need to save nature from degradation. If this and others go extinct, our children will know of the natural wildlife from movies. They would turn out to be vague historicals. This work should be massively supported.
Keep up the god work.
Upvoted and Restemed.


exactly. you are totally right!

Now this is something worth sharing! Good luck!


thank you plenty

You are doing something for a greater cause, loved the magnificent pictures. Followed and resteemed to get you some more attention. Hope you will succeed in your goals.


thank you. We have to succeed. Many people, animals and plants are totally depending on the forest. The place would just turn to desert if all the forest is gone.

Why aren't more people upvoting this? Probably the most in need of upvotes of anything I'v seen on steemit. I hope you are successful


Big thanks for your support. We also wish to get more people upvoted.

Nice place, this needs to protect for the preserve and maintain habitat also endangered species. :)


YES! thx

Good luck @kejom-keku. The world is lucky to have someone like you in it. Upvoted and resteemed.


thank you very much. We are trying our best.

This is such a critical area in our world and needs recognition. The Cameroon highlands are in need of immediate protection.

The forest is constantly being illegally cleared for firewood, timber and to create farmland. most of the mountains in the region have lost significant amounts of forest cover. There is very little or no formal environmental protection.


I am impressed. Have you ever been there? It is so interesting someone knows the area.

Very nice pics on this one. Did u actually that that pic of that bird? Its so beautiful :)


The bird's pic is the only one which was taken by but my colleague Tomas Berger

From the bottom of my heart i hope using steemit helps save the forest and the beautiful creatures that live there!


thank you very much, we hope so too

Very good post. Thanks for sharing.

ok let s save those forest

wow such a beautiful photo :)


thank you