TimTravels - A Private Boat Tour - Part 2

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Welcome back my Steemian friends to the second part of my private boat tour!

Today I arrived back in Germany. I left with mixed feelings. On the one hand I missed home and my friends but on the other side I will miss the sea side, the good weather and all the nice people I met. As promised here comes the second part of my boat trip through Crete. Hope you are excited. Please fasten your seatbelts!

The sign says: GAME BREEDING GROUND OF "THEODORY" ISLAND. It was prohibited to enter the island so we only swam in the water and took pictures from a save distance. Always respect the nature.

My girlfriend had fun and jumped happily into the water. What a pretty day, right?

We left Theodory Island to see the sun set from the other side of the island. One of the most beautiful sun sets in my life.

Definitely something I will try next time. I love sailing!

And something I don't like.

Pretty interesting. The device you see on this picture is a sonar. It measures how deep the water is and even shows you any fish under your boat.

Finally the sun set. The sky was red and water had mesmerizing reflections. We sat there and watched this spectacle. Sit back and relax my friends

As you can see I am still wearing my Steemfest wristband. If you want one you should come to the Steemfest in Lisbon this year. Don't miss your chance.
I hope you enjoyed this episode of TimTravels. Tomorrow I will announce who had the best idea for a name for my boat and will send him 10 Steem.
Steem on,

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Steem going moon?

To the moon and beyond!

Lots of beautiful photos in this post! And specially this one with the Moon Steem!! Love it 👍🏼


and taking over galaxy, yayy!

That sunset photo, simple amazing :o
keep bringing photos and travel reports, i love them, inspire me to get finantial freedom and start traveling the world.
Thanks for sharing the experience

Everybody deserves freedom. I hope you will have yours very soon my friend

damn whos the pimp?

Awesome trip and photos you have there Tim. I'd like to try stand up paddling someday, I'm only 30 minutes from Santa Cruz, CA.

Let us know and have fun

As far as a name for your boat, SteemSailing would be appropriate...

oh ......
the photos are very nice

Thanks olem!

Totally agree with you :)

Wow. nice seeing you there! It is one of my wishlists.

I have posted my first travel too,


Great! I'll have a look :)

Super cute pictures! And I have to say that I am super in love with the one jumping from the boat. Once again super jealous. But glad to hear You got save to Germany :D

I hate flying. The way back was the worst part lol

Uhhh so even better that You got home safe. 😉

Greece is a beautiful land.. I have always dreamed of going to Greek Beaches and spending time on lots of beaches there! I read your previous post too.. Being free and unbound, that's what travelling is... It's a way of life that my soul wants to live by :) you got some really nice pictures too! The sunset looks very beautiful.I would be honoured (really, I mean it) if you check out my new post Tim and tell me what you think about it.. I'm sure you'll like it though🙂

Awesome article Keep on 😍

That looks like a real funday, you own a private boat, thats even more amazing to know, and a pretty girlfriend :)

welcome to my paradise
Where this sky so blue
Where sunshine so bright
Welcome to my paradise
Where you can be free
Where the party never ending

Song - Steven and the Coconut treez

Perfectly suited to your journey.
may i give an idea for the name of your boat?
with the title "wind of heaven"

Seem like you spend a fantastic day and your photography is just awesome😍

Great article - Ill put "doing a bootstour @Kreta" on my trabel-bug-bucket list :D

What a fun trip on the water - looks amazing

Great tour in balmy weather and photography. I wish I could feel the mild warm and breezy weather of the Mediterranean:)

Looks like you had a fantastic time my friend, I love the photos, and would love to see you in action with a go pro camera one day, knowing how active you are.
on taking a photo of someone will the sun directly behind them, try this, let the sun be completely covered and switch the camera to always on with the flash. get in fairly close letting the face cover much of the screen, and you will be shocked. I will have to post on this later, but a great trick.
Keep up the good work my friend and one day we need to make a trip together.
We are on our way to Alaska right now for a 2 week cruise, yes getting out of Florida and the hurricane path.
steem on, my friend

Sounds great, want to see some shots. Awful with the hurricane. Take care mate

I will have many, count on it!!!! Enjoy a great German beer to celebrate a fantastic trip

Photos are just awesome.

Awesome Trip and Nice Photo ;) Greece is very beautiful, do you visit the Santorini isle?

great views :)

beautiful picks and ,pretty womens
greetings @timsaid

espectacular, que bueno disfrutar en la playa. exitos..

Beautiful place and amazing photos dear friend :)

lol cool

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Romantic adventure @timsaid, on your photos everything says about it, boat, sea, excellent company, everything you can wish for. I would take a chance and give the name to your boat "Planet STEEM"

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

I always visit your blog because you inspires me. Do what you do. Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

The view of the sea is very beautiful, seen some waves are so good, very suitable to invite friends or family to vacation vacation to a place like this. @timsaid

wooohooo...great suset clicks....love those. Thanks for sharing.

amazing pictures .. you are great photographer with great photography skill i highly appreciate our hard work ... please share some skill with us so can also capture some beautiful pictures .... @timsaid

Good job
Plzzz vote
Pollow n comment me @mudatnad
Thks u

Good job.
Plz vote n follow me @mudatnad

Loved the 3rd picture! The texture of the waves was amazing. It seems as you have enjoyed it in the local way. Probably you met some greek sea men.. they are the best for story telling!

For sure I wont be able to make it to Lisbon, but hopefully next year .. looking forward to hear in person all the interesting stories from your travels. Thanks for always posting quality on Steemit!

Great trip @timsaid! Thank you for sharing! We wish you a great weekend!

What does gamebreeding mean? You should have entered the island for adventure. Anyways nice photos especial the sunset ones . I would love to have a private boat trip myself one day. If you are interested in historical places you should check my post about the daulatabad fort. It is a fort in India from early 1300


They breed wild animals there and the place is under preservation. That's why I didn't go there

OHH... nice decision. I am not good at taking decisions of these kind thats why end up in some kind of trouble when I travel alone . Tim seriously I like all your posts, you are a role-model when it comes to traveling. Did you check my post about my trip to daulatabad fort?

Good jop


Amazing adventure Place and photos and I hope you had great fun with your girlfriend?., Feel free to drop your comments, I follow,thanks.

Yeah we had a really great time on Crete. We cant wait to see more

What a beautiful trip. Absolutely love the pictures and the sonar device is so cool. I need to get one. I tried paddle boarding before, but it was on the lake, I really enjoyed it, but never tried sailing. You should name your boat Yeti (The White Beast).

Very nice completion of post! Loved the pictures and description. Upvoted and Resteemed
I have a question!
When will you announce the results of MyPictureDay Challenge Round #8?

I can't describe how much i enjoyed this nice trip, i really feel i was in these magical places!!

Amazing trip

I can't describe how much i enjoyed this nice trip, i feel that i was with you,really nice trip thanks.

Already good pictures, I love the colors of the pictures of the trails of the boat, this is a good match I think I'll use this palette for the website I make. And I love the sunset with this blur and the sfumato effect.

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Hey Tim thank you for dropping by! I was expecting a comment but I understand you must be busy. Your approval alone means a lot me mate :) Cheers! 🙂

I think a great name for your boat is "Mrs Steemit". But you'll have to ask her permission of course.

I really like your post @timsaid can we be my frinds

the wave pictures of the water are very crisp and clear. a touch of ice :-) I like it. Ho far did you drive out with the boat?

I've following your story since I joined steemit, I really like the photos and story that you share.
Can't wait to see more 😊

Happy journey

Super cute pictures! And I have to say that I am super in love with the one jumping from the boat. Once again super jealous. But glad to hear You got save to Germany

Beautiful photos... Love the sunset ...

The boat should be " Full Steem Ahead"

In the photo, like a warm sea water splashing. So I wanted to swim again in the sea!

Amazing pictures!

I know it is not yours, but would be awesome to have a private boat.

superb moon climb and awesome cloudburst supra pics with nature wonders can i take the moon for a second on my finger plz.

Your pictures are beautiful. I want to be in Crete now! Thank you kindy for sharing your images with us. Cheers! @rebele93

A very amazing trip @timsaid. it's so cool and amazing. the ocean wave moment in the picture you take is very cool

wow..spectacular..i really love the view of sun setting..its amazing..thanks alot for sharing :) great photos..hope you enjoyed the day

Amazing Shots, Awesome Trip..! Thanks For Sharing

hey nice post dear . and dont forget to visit Bangladesh . read this post about Bangladesh no 1 no 2 no 3

The 5th photo is amazing!

That is one lovely looking boat @timsaid, I've cleaned many, but never been lucky enough to have driven one. Great post and gorgeous photos.

Great shots Tim. Looks like a cracking trip. Missed Steemfest next time hey :)

looks like fun

Damn These Pics Looks Really Pro Bro, Really Fun Aswell :)

greetings and blessings for you, here I give my support and my upvote, hoping to follow that great work on your blog, and I really hope your support, visit my blog your support is very important for me ,,, many thanks and success, ,,

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OMG now this was the real meaning of life you enjoy the best time thanks a lot for sharing this i loved seeing this post :D

Very then haip

wow very nic

Great travel post Tim :)

I love how you tell a story about your trip with pictures and descriptions.

I posted my first photography travel blog yesterday. I'd love to hear your opinion on my photography story and how I could improve it :)

My Slovenia Photography Story

Thanks and Steem on! :D

great holiday. I really want to vacation like you but my money is never enough..!

the photo in the air is magnificent. and jump to the water @timsaid!!

Very good

Mm really good story. You probably enjoyed the adventure a lot :) upvote from me

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Amazing boat tour. I love your photos.

I like it

this place is awesome to visit well i am lucky that our area is also beautiful ... but these places can be visited by people who have money and they can afford staying there ...

Great pictures @timsaid I want a steem wrist band also and I am working towards attending the Lisbon steem fest so I might see you there if I manage to get all the money together, I made a update on my progress on my blog about confirmed holidays to attend yay!

Good lovely photograph, I enjoyed watching those, holding the moon at the tip of your finger beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

wow... what a great time :) nice blog i can look up to

awesome post!

Hi Tim
I have a Boat Too and I Call it

Have a lovely time Steeming

@timsaid nice trip bro

Greece looks awesome! The boat you driving looks great aswell. Ive just joined Steemit and your stories are great, I just wrote my first story about crossing the Atlantic. Hope you have a great day and write many more stories Tim!

Thank you. I feel now I was there myself

Epic story.

That looks adventurous. And, beautiful.

Wow,,,, pemandangan yang luar biasa,,, dmna kau dapatkan

i like that sunset photo


Traumhafte Fotos, wundervoll!!! ... und willkommen zurück in Deutschland.


I want to help. I have become very weak. Please help and thank you @timsaid

Wow !! super photos of the turbulent and happy sea. And you balance the moon on your fingers like a magician :) . Yes... "always respect nature " - I like it. Well spoken :)

You are very lucky having a personal boat to have a wonderful vacation! Wow
Regard from Indonesia.

Looks awesome!

Hey @timsaid .. seems like u had a really nice day, u could say MAGICAL :D
those are moments in life that count if u ask me :)

If u like some real magic i do some MAGIC VLOGS on my channel feel free to check it out :) @nejc1107

Visit the Philippines particularly Coron, Palawan. It has been voted as one of the best islands in the world.

i never go to Germany but it beautiful place .