MyPictureDay Challenge Round #16 + Winners announcement Round #15

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MyPictureDay #15 Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the fifteenth MyPictureDay photography challenge. You gave me a really hard time picking the winners. Seriously, this time it was worse! There were many good entries and I proudly present you the first three places and some honorable mentions!

First Place

By @feeling.light - Press here for the full post

Second Place

By @bartek231 - Press here for the full post

Third Place

By @alequandro - Press here for the full post

Honorable mention:

My Landscape Journey by @zianmustaqin

Portrait from Ladakh India Part 2 by @soumya88

My Landscape Photos Of The Week by @anthonywong

The frozen beauties #2 by @mindscapephotos

The Bloody Fog by @axeman

Now it's your turn!

Let us know how your PhotographyDay looks like! Grab your camera (or mobile phone) and go out, take some shots and share them on Steemit!

The best PictureDay post gets 20 SBD onto his account, the second place 10 SBD and the third place 5 SBD.

How to you participate?

  • Make a photography post with at least three shots and tag them with the hashtag: mypictureday and photography, resteem this post.
  • Important! Write MyPictureDay in the title of the post. For instance: Flower Power - MyPictureDay Submission
  • Only use your own work. You are not allowed to use any stock images. Every entry will be reverse-searched and automatically disqualified when other peoples content was found.
  • The pictures must be from the week of the entry.
  • Deadline for your entry is Sunday 18.02, 8 pm UTC.
  • Write us what you did on this day and what camera you used for your shots.
  • You can use any device that takes pictures. iPhones, DSLRs, analog cameras, any phone etc.

1st Place = 20 SBD

2nd Place = 10 SBD

3rd Place = 5 SBD

Steem on my friends!

Yours, Tim

P.s.: I will be in Singapore by end of this month and from there I will visit many countries in South Asia. Any recommendations?


Strong people do not put others down ... They make them high ... just as you

nice. I am new. I wish you visit my profile. Thanks

@jannatul22 you´re welcome , it´s hard first days in steemit , there´s not enough infos about how it works for us newbies


Your contest is not only most active,payout reward contest all over stemit contest.. but also we can feel the world's nature beuty.


i truly believe that your contest is by far the best in all steemit community
Thumbs up
congratulations to all winners.Their pictures are brilliant

This is today's picture however I know that the contest is over. Captured this picture in a shikara ride with a friend.

wow @wa2qr !This is so beautiful :)

I join the contest regularly. I think the photo could be a winner. Steem on!

Thank you

nice photo dude! where is this? what is a shikara?

Where can I find the tree from the second picture? I want to make a Christmass tree from it! If I won't drown in snow :(

Sadpotato is going to make me sad lol

I'm sorry, I'll try to be the happiest sadpotato so you won't feel sad :(((

Wow, that's nice, third place, thank you all!! Thank you @timsaid 💃

You earned it!

He didn't follow the rules. He took that pic 2 years ago.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 7.53.53 AM.png

First place winner didn't follow the rules either.

Hell yeah, I could provide a lot of great stories shot for few years back, but sticking to the rules and going out for a photoshoot especially for your contest... That's a bit disappointing

WOW these pictures are awesome
congrats to Winners
and @timsaid, I Wish to visit these places So
I will recommend Philippines in South Asia especially the more stunning places like the 2000 years old Banaue Rice Terraces and the smallest volcano in the world-Taal Volcano

I've always wanted to visit the Philippines. So much beautiful photography has been shot there!

come and visit philippines!

yeah! but philippines is located in the south east asia. But no regrets if he'll choose philippines to visit! thumbs up for that!

Really great shots!!
In the first one the girl like a videogame, and water mirror effect is wonderful!
The second one blow up my mind, the fog behind and the trees plenty of snow...Epic!
The third One is a really great post card of Venice!
Congrats to all of you guys!

wow beautiful..congratulations for the winners..and i really appreciate your commitment on organizing a competition like this :)

This is a great photography ..
I appreciate your post..actually you are great one in this steemit platform..
I am first follow your post..
Cause I like your post always..
And your every post is mind blowing ..

followed + upvoted + resteem

You should check the Philippines. We just arrived here. It is really great!😄

The first photo tells me about loneliness among the crowd. It is sad.

amazing pictures, especially the first one:)

Amazing photos! My favourite is third photo, but all are amazing!

whoooa! these pictures are so great!
I will post one of these days before the deadline.

I recommend bhutan! they've got a very nice landscape and temples.

Wow! You must not of reversed searched very hard... The rules indicate the pictures had to be taken the week of the event!

This pictures were not. In fact Place number three was taken December 2016!
Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 7.53.53 AM.png

The first picture metadata show 2016 as well:
Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 7.56.30 AM.png
and has been posted to the person square space for some time.

Contestant #2 should be defaulted to First place, and two more contestants should be chosen.

Disappointing for others...

Thank you for all the comments and your time. I came to the conclusion that the winners stay. However, in the coming contest, those who do not stick with the rules are disqualified. Furthermore, I will make sure to write the rules on the top of the post instead of the end. The essence of the contest is to get people out and make them move, let them take pictures and be creative. If you use old pictures you might become lazy in this case, I agree. Thank you @imlikett.

May I ask if you want to join the jury?

Wow if this is true. They really should do something about it. It would be a disgrace to let cheaters get away with this. Hope this isnt the the case. Thanx anyways for the triple check

In fact, a lot of the contest entries they have don't follow the rules.

I won't be participating in the next one, if contest winners and runner ups are just posting their best instagram photos from years ago, with no effort.

@Timsaid you need to spend more time into tracking down these pics. If you just reverse image search on google, you won't find them, as that's not really effective anymore. Most sites, like instagram, strip meta data, and google can't find pics buried in square space or 500px style portfolios.
It should be required for people to time stamp with proof of them taking the picture on that day some how.

I checked it and you are right. The pictures were not taken this week. However I did a reserve search to make sure they are the photographers and the content is theirs. So we have two options now: 1) We change the rules for the futures contests, that people can use any of THEIR pictures or 2) people that use old images are disqualified. What do you think?

I don't like idea 1. This just makes people lazy, and it makes it hard to compete with people who have a huge portfolio already that they can just use for every challenge.

Option 2 is the best. You must use recent pics. The picture must contain the meta data for the date (however if you really wanted to cheat, people could change the meta data.) It would help though.

You could make a rule people have to post a selfie of them at the scene where they are taking the picture holding a steemit logo with their user name on paper and post their edited photo.

Sorry to butt in here but just wanted to give my opinion. First I think the winners deserve the win. The photos are great. But I think going forward allowing older pictures would change the challenge.

I enjoy the fact that I have to come up with something new each week. It pushes me to try different things and to actually get out and take pictures every week.

From my previous comment you can see the stats on not following the rules on putting mypictureday in the title. So it would be conceivable that others did not read the part about the photos being from the week of the contest.

Looking back... last week I didn't post what camera I used. So I guess we tend to read what we want to read.

As far as going forward maybe just explaining in the rules what will happen when photos are found to be old, might solve the issue. Obviously the community is going to check whether or not the content is owned by the winners. That's something most new steemian's find out quickly.

Another option for going forward is that if something like this is found after the winners are posted the winnings are split among the one or two other winners.

As examples - In this case it would go the 2nd place winner. But if it was only third place that had old photos those winnings would be split between 1st and 2nd place.

I know it takes a lot of your time to judge and review all the entries. Adding searches for other social media post would probably be unreasonable.
Again, Thank you @timsaid!

Sorry to cause such an uproar on my first submission. @timsaid please let me know what you decision is. Im happy the work speaks for itself and its an honor to be alongside so many talented involved in this competition.

i didn't take part in this contest, but i would in the future. Do not change your word even though everything is complicated now. comply with your rules

I read your comments now and I honestly did not remember the rule that the photo must be of the week. My mistake.

If I went against the rules, I do not deserve the third position.
Timsaid will know what to do.

If timsaid decides that the rule is that the photos must be taken in the week, then my participation in this week is not regular

Yours and @feeling.light's photos are awesome. I would want to show them off too. What I had commented earlier was just my opinion about clarifying the rules in case something like that happens again.

It is easy to overlook parts of the rules. I did. I forgot to put in the camera I used. From what I have gathered using steemdata, 75 post out of 178 using the #mypictureday tag didn't put it in the title. Leaving 103 post that were correct with the tag. (That's a lot of pictures look through and judge! Thank you again @timsaid)

Now I am sure that some of those just seen others using the tag and wanted to use it too. But I also see a lot of users that put both tags in and don't post three pictures. I guess people (myself included) just see what we want to see.

I personally am going continue to do the same thing I have been doing even if the rules change. I think that is the best part of the challenge. It is also what differentiates this challenge from others here on steemit. I also think my photography is improving from just the few weeks I have been participating in the challenge.

I have a feeling that you, @feeling.light and others who have won in the past will still show the same consistent quality no matter if it is taken the same week of the contest or not.

Thank you for your exhaustive answer and for your understanding.
The rule of the week in my opinion is limiting, because it means that all old photos can not be used, depriving the community to appreciate them.

In my opinion, eliminating this limit will benefit from the average quality of the photos.

Just my humble opinion. The rules should be the rules. The more strict the rules, hopefully the better the content. One might argue that they don't have a good photograph for the current week. However, it seems that the challenge is not only about the photograph, but the day or story as well.

What @timsaid decides for the past winners (who did not meet the requirements) is ultimately up to him. Since its his challenge and his rules. While of course using the community for feedback when deciding.

Having said that.... I think another thing that might be helpful, if possible, would be to indicate:

  • what the judging criteria is
  • who is judging

Looking forward to participating in future MPD challenges!


I think the uniqueness of this contest is partly in the rule that only recent photos are eligible, and I think it's a great rule as it gives us impetus to go experiment, so I hope you'll keep it. All photography contests require entries to be original, but this one had an extra rule that allows only certain entries to qualify - which I think makes it stand out. As for this week's contest issue, I personally think the rules were clear and the winners should be disqualified, although we should not read motives/intentions in their posting these photos. They may have simply not read the rules carefully, but that is one's responsibility as a contestant. If other contestants followed the rules, they should have a fair chance of winning these spots.

I'm agree the winner must be changed! Every participant must follow rules. And to avoid misunderstandings, it may be worth publishing in each post at the end of the participation rule. And also track plagiarism and spam. As an example I can offer contests hosted by @ czechglobalhosts or some one else.

Great stuff here. Especially fond of @bartek231’s gorgeous photo.

Congrats to @feeling.light and @bartek231 for standing first and second in this contest. I checked your posts and you've done some awesome job. However, my personal favorite is @alequandro and for that reason, I upvoted his post. Congrats to all of you and those who got mentioned in this post. Keep rocking @timsaid. This is my second most favorite photography blog. I have started feeling that soon I'll be in a fix to choose which one is my most favorite photography blog at Steemit if you keep sharing with us such beautiful photos. Steem On!

Thank you!! I'm still happy with third place! 😉

With the next contest I will bet to victory! 😃

Good luck. Can't wait!

Good! hope upload other pictures.

Singapore tips? Let me think:

  • Marina Bay (infinity pool)
  • Raffles Hotel (colonial style, inventor of the Singapore Sling)
  • Streetfood from several different cultures

Sir you are doing a fab jOb
Very accurate selection of the winners
Congrats and best wishes to the winners
Have a safe jouney to you sir thank yiu

I wish i could post this picture in this challenge @timsaid

Really creative! You should win the next contest, goodluck!

Thanks buddy

Your photography is so beautiful.The 3rd picture is very nice.Thanks for sharing.IMG_3437.GIF

Thank you!! 😉

This is My country pakistan and south asia khunjrab pass pakistan china border

wo i am so excited china is a good countery and frienship pak china zindabad thanks u

This picture is absolutely incredible. Light , color sheme , composition! How the contrast in colors alone seem to tell a story. Everything is captured so clear, yet suggesting never ending travel.... could look at it for ages. Thanks for sharing.

Very interesting contest! Here's my first entry, from a morning of chasing lenticular clouds around Mt Shasta:

I really love the first picture, so many stories can be told.

must be good to be good-n-gabby!

the photo number three is very beautiful, the boat is pedaled in the middle of the city, I highly praise it,


Thank you so much!! 😃

Very nice pictures And that's a good idea,congratulations for the initiative,I will participate.

Am so in....thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my self

thank you for this good initiative, I will participate in this challenge for next time @timsaid

Oooh SE Asia. I loved Vietnam. Everyone goes to Halong bay etc. But i'd recommend hiring a motor bike driver and going from Dalat to the city. It's an incredible experience.

My dear friend....

Wow such a splended click ever seen,just wow,amazing photography,keep sharing with us your valueable post.👍👍

wow,fantastic places & also nice photography..

Amaizing photography i like it.
Keep it up you are good photographer.

👍 NicE Captured ... !!! ✅

hopefully added his y rezki

please vote behind ya kasianilah I do not understand in the world of technology

Nice post! I'm in love the shots are amazing, love the way the light looks in the second picture

Nice and attractive pics

Beautiful images. Hope to participate soonest.


Amazing bro upvote n follow me plz

I follow it,,hope be win...

very beautiful shots!
upvoted and resteemed!
here is my entry for the Round #16


I also participated <3

Congratulations, I really liked the photos

Excellent submissions! Congratz to the winners! :)

Thank you very much :D !!!

good post, hopefully get more votes and inspire the stemian in general and myself in particular

great job,,,, i am keen to participate in this contest.. win or lost..:-)

WOW these pictures are awesome
congrats to Winners
and @timsaid, I Wish to visit these places So
I will recommend Philippines in South Asia especially the more stunning places like the 2000 years old Banaue Rice Terraces and the smallest volcano in the world-Taal Volcano. I love it

Wow. This is by far athe best photo contest I've come across.

And it will become bigger and better. I have some nice plans

Love this contest from you. There are always high-quality unusual photos to watch.
Congratulations to all of the winners! :d

Amazing clicks!!!! Good Job. :)

nice post .... very artistic

Wooow amazing job everyone! Looks like y'all really had an awesome day. Specially love the snowy mountains from Poland @bartek231 truely amazing photographies, Congrats everyone! Steem on and stay safe.

I know right! His snowy picture is amazing

You know I Loove shreding threw snow. :)

Congratulation to the winners @feeling.light @bartek231 and @alequandro! I love how artistic the photos are, especially @alequandro's Venice
Unfortunately I missed this week's contest @timsaid but I'll try to do my best next week. :)
Until stress :)
FullSizeRender (13).jpg

I’m waiting for your pictures! :)

:) Thanks! You can count on me this time @timsaid! I'll be sending soon :D

Have just submitted my photos for this round @timsaid! :) Excited!!! :)

hot a location !!! wooooooow !!
amazing caption picture
thank you for share

Good prices for something most of us do daily, also looking back and there are some really nice shots. thanks for hosting the contest, ill be heading out with my camera today :-)

Great! Can’t to see your shots

something heavy and tense...

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As much as i love Photography and seeing ur pics intimidate me each time i consider putting up some amateur shots as post

Wow, just awesome photography. I wish if i could participate in the contest. I love photography. Congratulation to all winners.

Wow the 3 photos are really amazing photography

sem sombra de duvidas umas das melhores fotografias que vi até hoje ! meus parabéns pelo trabalho um trabalho incrível e sem sombra de duvidas um dos melhores que já vi , imagina em um quadro o quão lindo que ia ficar pendurado na sala ! :)

A good challenge for those who want to see how important passion is for them.

I never knew this was happening, I think I should get into the contest. Thank you @timsaid.


Congrats for all the winners.
Thanks for sharing @timsaid
My support will for your every post.
I wish you success in this steemit by your photo competition post.
Carry on your activity...keep it up! !!!!

upvoted and Resteemed

Congrats to winners! Glad people like snow photos :D I just submitted my first submission for the next contest. Good luck everyone!

nice picture
I like your post @timsaid
hopefully inspired amazing

Wow. Nice contest. I will certainly participate. I allready have planned to make some nice pictures in our park. Thanx for this contest. Will surely follow and upvote.

Great pictures !!!

Wow! This is amazing

Wonderful photography congrats to winner's and @timsaid

Awww! I wish to join contests like this, hopefully someday. Great contest tho @timsaid and I would die to have one of your photos! Do tell if you're visiting the Philippines :D

Beautiful selection! Really amazing photography

Ah this is great! Love the first one :)

Towards the end of this post it shows an entry deadline of "Sunday 18.02, 8 pm UTC". Does that refer to this upcoming Sunday, February 18th for the next round?

Wooow excellent.

Tour around Asia means you will be able to get shots of lots of culture I bet it will be interesting ,you can also try Taiwan or huawaii

These pictures are beautiful..


I took some amazing pics when I was in Florida can I use them ? Its more than a week

Great pics. Will try to enter the next one.
Highly recommended Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Sapa, Ban Gioc in Vietnam if you head that way. Have done one blog on Hanoi, but will be adding more soon.

I really like this contest idea. I am very much an amatuer photographer. I posted my favorite sunrise picture today before I saw your mypictureday tag. But now I realize I would not have technically qualified since it was taken in October 2017, but that would have been my entry. It's on my blog now @ladyartist. 20171026_072332.jpg

Nice, nice...

Awesome Contest! Can't wait to take part!

the winners did an incredible job. Participate but the first 3 places undoubtedly deserved to win, I applaud the work you do @timsaid and I hope that one day I will be among the first. I will continue to share greetings ...

I am j-data, which is a hobby of painting and photography in Korea.
Pictures are really pretty.

Amazing pics, I follow you!

Its awesome @timsaid . I surely participate this contest. thanks.....

Come to Bangladesh @timsaid you can see here the worlds largest and most beautiful sea beach.I can assure you,you won't be disappointed.Because the beauty of this place is not comparable to any other sea beach in the world.

Amazing pictures!

Visit Aceh, its a district at Sumatra Island, Indonesia. You can visit Sabang Island, its beautiful there. Many tourism visit there every year.

Well...Great support on steemit. Thanks for that.
Carry On brother keep it up :D

Beautiful photos. There are so many talented artist here! I am new here . Please follow me. Thanks.

Excellent!!!!!! They deserve to be winners

Epic shots this is superb congratulations to all :)