Gothic Gravestones in Black and White


A couple of weeks ago I visited a graveyard in Newcastle.

I wasn't able to edit all the shots at the time, here are the remainder of the shots which I've just had a chance to do.

It was actually quite a weird day because it was very cloudy and quite sunny. It had just rained and there was a some strange streaky clouds in the sky. In addition there seemed to be a lot of planes flying around creating contrails.

These all combined to create some strange cross hatch type patterns in the sky and also resulted in sudden changes in contrast and dynamic range.

Most of these latter shots were taken when the sun was poking out from behind these clouds which created a lot more contrast.

I thought they would be ideal to process in monochrome as a result of that.

I have also include a couple of redone versions of my favourite gravestones from the previous time (the Jesus/angel sculptures) in case anyone wants to compare how they look in monochrome (they are at the end).

If there are any others you would particularly like me to reprocess/edit in monochrome please let me know. Also let me know if overall you prefer monochrome edits or the false colour ones I usually do.

Hope you like them.

As always feel free to use them in your own posts as per Steemit4free.














Camera and Process Info

  • Nikon D7100 Camera with Nikon 18-35/f4 lens.
  • 590nm IR conversion.
  • White balanced in Nikon View NX.
  • Red and Blue Channels swapped in Photoshop.
  • Black and White Conversion in Nik Silver Effex Pro.
  • Final adjustments in Lightroom.

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Lots of very nice shots in there @thecryptofiend! Thanks sharing it all with us. #4 is still with me right now... Chillin'... Namaste :)

Thank you as always for your kind words:)

@thecryptofiend I love the third pic the most!
this week black and white seem to dominate the photography tag :D

Thanks. Yes people love B&W!

I liked number 4 the most. These are great! If I could upvote twice, I would.

Love them they look amazing:)

Thank you:) Do you prefer them like this or the false colour - these actually take even longer to do but I think in some ways I like these more.

Definitely these, they really stand out, I love them :)

Creepy and desolate. Yet eerily soothing!

Amazing photography friend, Pictures tell a story themselves

These would make great images for an author on here writing a dark story.

That would be awesome - I hope someone uses them:)

You are going to need a few more of these before I arrive. "Few" means "Six billion" on your planet correct?

Yes @lordvader - it is an honour to hear from you as always.

You inspired me to put out the photos of the graveyard I went to visit here in Vienna a couple of weeks ago. I love your black & whites

Thanks. Please send me the link if you have time - I didn't see it.

I didn't have time yet to post. I am super spontaneous and wrote about a few other things in the meantime. I let you know when done.

Definitely could see this as album art. Nice contrasts and and compositions!


Thanks mate you are very kind :)

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