Some of the weird and wonderful sightings on my travels.

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This is a little collection of random snaps that I have taken recently. Things that amused me or stirred my imagination in some way, Enjoy!

This wagon had "Crosses 4 Sale" painted on the back of it. I cant imagine what these crosses are being sold context. Like I know what a cross is but I mean what the hell do people uses crosses for now? Is this for like Crucifixion?

This hot air balloon rose from behind the hills their at dusk I have seen this before floating around roughly the same location. I dont know anything else about it but I always find it fascinating to wonder who this belongs to and what do they get up to in that air balloon.

I was admiring the sunset her near to the coast line when I noticed a supermarket shopping trolley up ended on the rocks here. Again this got my imagination wondering.


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