The Best Place for the Scenery in Bu Seok Sa Temple, An Yang Ru Pavilion

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The specialists told the best place for enjoying the scenery was An Yang Ru pavilion in front of Mu Ryang Su Jeon hall for Vairocana Buddha where was said the second oldest wooden building in Korea.



An Yang Ru pavilion was 2 story building. The first story was the gate to Mu Ryang Su Jeon and the second story was the place to see the scenery. The pillars of the second story looked like the frame of the scenery drawings.


The scenery from the pavilion was well known among many people, because specialists had assessed as such. But in my guess the building itself was so wonderful. The An Yang Ru was very well made building.
It was so harmonized and well balanced with its surroundings.

So I took several photos of the pavilion from various angles to see the beauty of the building.



I took photos of the scenery to be seen from the pavilion.




But unlike the specialists’ words, I could not agree with their assessment. The scenery from different place was much more beautiful than that from An Yang Ru in my view. I thought the creator of this temple intentionally controlled the view from the An Yang Ru.
In Buddhist perspective, perfection seemed not a virtue.


In my guess, they designed the pavilion to see the less beautiful scenery. In front of Buddha, people could’ve not be fallen into the scenery.


I still think that temple is fantastic.

Wow it's amazing! An old wooden structure! Pretty amazing to see it and it seems well designed! A good example to show the proud of Korean Architectural history!


@slowwalker beautifully taken ! every part of the temple made of wood ?

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beautiful scenery at the temple bu seok sa
how great photography is @slowwalker

Amazing photos. Thank you for the support and beauty of your photos.

It's really a wonderful pavillion! Interesting to read about the story behind the choice of the different scenery and I can understand the intention to no distract people when they are in front of Buddha. There's something similar in the Catholic churches too (I think about the italian churches), where the attention is focused inside the church, where everything is brilliant (beautiful paintings, colorful glasses, etc) especially close to the major altar, so people focused their attention there.

@slowwalker, Such impressive surrounding autumn area included Bu Seok Sa Temple. These wooden building amazing creativity. You captured from various angles. Probably if I visit An Yang Ru Pavilion couldn't beautiful like these. Your photography skills more professional. Seems more peoples visit there. Scenery from the temple of highest level seems outstanding visualization. Absolutely Korean temples showing Buddhism's proud.

What a beautiful scenery!

What Sunny bright photos, @slowwalker
I also liked the scenery that can be seen from the window of the pavilions.

Such space, grace and picturesque nature around .

Thank you very much for introducing us to such
wonderful places and amazing architecture!

wow what a beautiful place and scenery. These wooden Pavilions look just awesome.

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