📷 Pakistan. Cricket at the Foot of the Mountains

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When I first time flew over the valley of Passu on the drone, my attention was attracted by an absolutely round building near the road (on the photo below from the copter it is the circle in the shade) — this turned out to be a field for cricket, to which, as soon as the opportunity arose, I went.

England is the homeland of cricket, this game was known there even in the era of the Middle Ages. From the 18th century, official competitions began to be held between cricket clubs, according to the rules, which mostly have survived to the present day.

Our Pakistani guide Bayram said that the strongest teams in the world cricket are Australia, Pakistan, India and South Africa.

The cricket team has 11 players. Cricket involves rushing, knocking out players, which resembles a Russian lapta and American baseball. The duration of the game is a few hours.

In Pakistan, they began to play this game after the Second World War, in 1952. The Pakistani national team has the third in the world indicator of the ratio of victories and defeats and the fifth overall indicator of the share of test victories. In 1992, Pakistan won the ODI World Championship.

Most striking is the place chosen for the construction of a cricket field — there is such beauty around!

The majestic walls of the mountains, the cleanest air ... this is not a stadium for you in any megalopolis!

Camera: OLYMPUS E-M1 Mark II


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That's an awesome location. Resteemed!

So cool to see this!

This is a beautiful place!

Beautiful photos! I like how you captured the game of cricket very well! The scenery is amazing too! Did you know that cricket doesn’t have rules? It has “laws”! Hahaha

This valley and the surrounding mountains are simply stunning. I saw cricket for the first time with sane eyes and I know its “laws” very poorly)

Hi sharker,

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How coool! I’m speechless. You were so lucky to spot ‘em with your drone! :D

Yes, it was real luck! It is very nice that the entrance to the stadium is absolutely free.

Increadible sight! How high is that mountain ?

These mountains have three names: Passu Cathedral, Tupopdan peaks or Passu Cone. It high is 6106 meters.

How high is the ground from sea level?

I didn't know that cricket was played in Pakistan too and now when I know that I truly believe this stadium is situated in the most breathtaking scenery! I have never played cricket but if I would get there I would definitely start just to enjoy the beauty around me :D I have never seen such perfectly shaped mountains :)

Are there any hiking trails there or is it only for climbing? It looks rough so I wonder if an average hiker has a chance to go there for a hike. But I can imagine that you need some special equipment?

I love those clouds hanging there. It looks like from a postcard. Do you play cricket too or you were just photographing?

Thank you for sharing!

I am a photographer and traveler. We came to the Passu valley to trekking along the Batura glacier, cross it and see mount Batura Sar. We spent several days there.

There are many hiking trails, and there is definitely where to walk. The mountains here are very beautiful and unusual.

I also never played cricket, but the stadium just hit me - I will be happy to visit there again!

Whoa... what a location to play cricket! That looks amazing and awesome :D. I'm glad you took these pictures, otherwise I wouldn't have imagined such thing happening in real XD. Beautiful photos!
Congratulations for your curie vote!

The mountains in Pakistan are stunning! And people choose very beautiful places for life. At this stadium you want to try to play cricket!

Thank you very much!

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You first shot is a jaw dropper. It's amazing to see this is such a remote place and I would love to visit. Lucky you.

Thank you very much for the recommendations!

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