☀️How to cope with the heat - what is your trick? (🍺 prize inside )

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Greetings Steemians!

The summer heat has Europe in it's tiring grip. One of the best things you can do these days in my region is this:




What are your tricks to survive the heat? Let me know in the comment section. I will reward my favorite comment with an ice-cold beer (by means of an upvote that carries sufficient weight to materialize one). Illustrations/Photos will be favored :)


All photos were recorded by myself with an iPhone 6S in July 2018. All rights reserved.

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Preferably moving slowly and taking a few drinks to help. How it is handled in our family, including Susi the cat - cheers


It looks to me that, you are doing it just right. Enjoy the 🍺(or any other drink of your choice).

Thanks for sharing these photos!


This is not me, but i like the idea 😂


Hey @shaka! I just read an article in the news that the current heatwave has hit Germany and the Czech Republic the most in all Europe. We had over 37 degrees today in many different areas of the country and the forecast says the scorching heat might last for up to several more weeks, which is something very exceptional for Central Europe.

As for my way of fighting the heat - I am not gonna be overly original - the traditional combination of the pool and the beer :D


However, the cool thing is that beer (and it is a good one!) costs just 8 CZK (0.3 EUR) :D We are called the beer nation for a reason I guess. Greetings from the Czech Republic!


I think the beer/pool combination is a well-proven one. I'm an adherer of that strategy, too :)


This is my mother's trick from way back in the day. Run cold water over your wrists. Then have wet wash cloths in the fridge and put them on your wrists and lie down. This is from her mother from back when no one had ac. We lived way in the North, and hot days rarely came, but when they did, they were awful.

But now, I am as close to the equator as I can get and I love the heat. It helps my Rheumatoid Arthritis. When it is cold, I am rolled up into a ball of pain.

I would not get a beer, if I got your vote, and that definitely will not cool you down. Here in SE Asia, they use barley water to get rid of the "heaty feeling."

You have given my posts votes in the past, and I am so grateful to you! I'm glad I saw this one today, even though I am not sure how I got here lol. Mysteries of steemit!

Me leaving San Diego in three jackets because it was too cold there.
mom and Caleb trying not to cry fitinfun.jpg


Thank you for your comment and for sharing your mother's trick. Sorry to hear about your condition. I hope you can always avoid a cold surrounding. All the best!


Thank you so much. And you try to stay cool! It's harder when you don't get heat all the time. Here is the tropics, we are just used to it :)

Of course @freiheit50 's suggestion about the mountains is correct. But today even here in the mountains it is 33°.

My parents grew up in the in American South before it there was air conditioning, so my mother had some tricks to "beat the heat."

  1. Wake up early before the sun comes up. Open all the windows and get as much cool air in your home as possible.
  2. We use a digital thermometer and first we check the temperature indoors, and then place it outside near the window in the shade.
  3. Once the low temperature outdoors starts to rise we monitor it and the temperature indoors.
  4. In our particular situation, as soon as it reaches 23° outdoors see close all the windows, and on the East side facing the Sun we also close the shutters so the sunshine won't heat the rooms.
  5. Our roof hangs out on the South side so we don't get direct sunshine in summer. In any case, block direct sunshine from heating the rooms.
  6. After doing that, it is tolerable. The air can get a bit stale, but that's better than suffering with the heat.
  7. About 21.30 we open the windows again -- this is our daily ritual during heatwaves.

No doubt that one had to take this seriously in the American South before the advent of air conditioning. And the latter comes at the price of unnatural dry air that I personally try to avoid. Thanks for sharing this insight.



And beer.



Greetings from Russia and Greece!


Great plan. And there are these floating chairs with cup holders for a truly immersive pool-beer experience :D


Exactly! )))


haha Mythos byra,, best one :))

Very beautiful place, I imagine that at the moment it is very crowded... In my country for now it is cold but in the months March-April there was a lot of heat and my way of fighting it was with light clothing, lots of water, ice cream.

I also made some trips to the thermal baths of San Juan de los Morros- Venezuela.

I also went with my grandchildren to the beach, it is an excellent measure to fight the heat and also enjoy.


And finally another option is to drink cold drinks, nothing better than a few beers.

So the heat is a great excuse to enjoy, so take advantage of these days Shaka ... Greetings!


Thanks for sharing these impressions!

Since there's no beach where I live and a pool is a luxury not all can afford.
We make it work with what we have.
Actually this was a study field trip with our college, but we had to improvise because of the heat.
The wet clothes gave a cooling effect throughout the day.



Awesome, looks like a lot of fun!

Air condition to the maximum when I am at home! But since I love sea more than you can imagine, and we are lucky enough to have the sea right at our doorstep (Greek fellow here) I spend most of my time in the water like a seal :Ρ

You can always try the ice bucket challenge though. Works perfectly fine!
Have a great day @shaka

Ps. Glad you made that series about Crete. Loved it. Whenever you decide to visit Athens I’d love to show you the sights!


Thanks for you offer! I had the chance to visit Athens for half a day, with just enough time to climb the Akropolis and enjoyed the fantastic view from there. I would definitely wish to go there again for longer.

Enjoy the sea!

Summer heat is really intensely hot unlike other seasons
Here in Africa, we do experience more heat than cold which apparently portrays more Summer season though we tag it hot and wet season.
The trick is this...You need more water to stay hydrated this period which means more water to drink, less salt to reduce frequent sweat and take a cool shower often with some relaxation at the swimming pool.
Yes you need some Ice cold beer too 😁😁😁
Water should basically be your friend though not in excess
Enjoy some Evening stroll too with family and pets....
In some parts of Africa, we chill at Barbeque at the sea side to enjoy the cool breeze and relax


These are all great recommendations. I love having Barbecue in the evenings, too.

my trick is going to camping area and ejoy the sea:) i post my best camping area around my city. check it, please :)



This sure looks like a fantastic place!

Oh Shaka. You really want me to brag about how i live in Croatia and have access to the most beautiful beaches in the world. hahaha.

Oh Shaka. hahaha. Honestly, i cant wait for a Croatia series like the Crete one next year. You are coming to Croatia next year arent you? :D

45 mins from where i live by boat

30 mins from where i live. :D


Wonderful! Croatia is definitively high on my list. I could already convince myself of the beauty of your countrie's shores and bays during a sailing cruise a few years ago.

I just was two weeks in the mountains of Austria and Südtirol. Out there in the country side, at least the nights are cooler than in our hot cities. The best thing to do for me was to go back to the mountains immediately, because the temperature in my appartment directly unter the hot roof amounts 28 degrees celsius. Alternatively, I could sleep in the cellar.


I already moved to the cellar for the nights. I pity those who don't even have one. It appears to me that more and more houses are built without one - for energetic reasons...

I will do the same thing and flee to the mountains next month. Can't wait to get there.


Here in Paraguay is almost every day so damn hot. I just work outside at the morning, late evening and in the night. At the middle of the day i often have a short nap and i try to keep the house fresh - i don*t like
air conditioner (we don't need all this stuff to fill our planet with garbage)... So i close windows, doors, etc. to keep the "fresh" temperature from the night. And of course long cool showers to "suck out" all the heat from the body, especially before sleeping.

Just wear a wet t-shirt at all times! Very refreshing.


This is brilliant. I will try to introduce this to our office. Next casual Friday might be a good start :D

Shaka how are you? in venezuela it is terrible heat half of the year, right now we are in the other half of the year and we have two hot and cold climates
The way I have to fight the heat since I live in a house that gets very warm what I do is eat ice because that refreshes my body, I spend all day with a glass of ice in hand

Beautiful pictures and nothing better to refresh the body than lots of water

Hey! Schöne Bilder! Ich versuche keine zu kalten Getränke zu mir zu nehmen, bleibe über mittags auch gern in kühlen Räumen, lege meine Beine hoch UND natürlich schönes kaltes Wasser :-D beste Grüße


Das habe ich jetzt auch schon mehrfach gehört, dass man bei heissen Temperaturen warm statt kalt trinken sollte. Lauwarmer Eiskaffee könnte ein Kompromiss sein ;)


;-) naja zumindest muss es nicht eiskalt sein (mit Eiswürfeln & so)

My friend @shaka how are you? Is that place a beach or a lake? It looks very funny besides a good plan to pass the heat
I understand that Europe usually goes through those heat waves I see it in the news

In these moments the climate in my country is crazy there are days where it rains and there are days where the heat is incredible happens more than all the weekends

This Sunday it was very unfortunate that I do not have any lake, river or beach so close but I went to the kitchen and prepared this refreshing sorbet with tropical fruits and a little peanut rain this was very cold and if I take away the heat


Looks fantastic!

A lot of Ice Cream, Ice Cold Beer (Like you already mentioned), visit the sea, lake etc., use blowers.
Of course you could also barricade yourself in a cellar and only get out when the fall is there, but I definitely would not recommend to do so because otherwise you miss out the most beautiful time of the year.
I personally love the weather :-)



Luckily I do have a cellar to which I can escape at least for the nights. I love the warm season too, but would prefer a handful degrees less ;)

Here you are friend starts the heat in Europe woow those are heat waves you think they are experts in looking for alternatives to fight the heat, I like the place where you are going, I think it would be there all day

At this time the weather in my country is a little uncontrolled is what it seems there are days like yesterday where it rains a lot and it is very cold but there are days where the sun rises and it is very hot but a lot in my house I do not have air conditioners so it does more heat than usual to fight the heat I usually drink cold drinks and in those moments it is when it causes you a very cold beer or with a lot of ice also an alternative is a very cold wine or sangria as we say here with ice



I somehow associate sangria with headache ;) But probably I just haven't had the pleasure of enjoying a good one. Cheers!

z' Basel a mim Rhy ist es einfach schön.
Vom Birsköpfli bis runter ins Dreiländereck mit der Luftmatratze treiben lassen. Einfach wunderbar.

Und heute im tropischen eigenen Garten mit Laptop am steemiten...
Der schönste Platz im dominikanischen Sommer

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-29 at 5.47.58 PM.jpeg


Da spricht der Kenner. Ja, das Rheinschwimmen in Basel ist einfach was ganz besonders.

I couldn't resist this..move to Queensland, Australia, for your summer! It's winter here in July, with temps around 20-25C and perfectly sunny skies. This is from last weekend.


My turn to shout the beer I think...


Seems like the perfect spot to be. Lucky you :)

I would love to make it to Australia some day.


Gestern beim Kartenspielen stellten wir unsere Füße in Eimer mit Wasser.

Danach machten wir einen Spaziergang zu Aldi und lungerten dort sehr viel länger herum, als unser Einkauf es nötig machte. Anscheinend stellt Aldi seine Klimaanlagen auf fünf Grad kälter ein als die restlichen Geschäfte.

Das Leben verlangsamt sich um mehr als die Hälfte, würde ich sagen und man begegnet mehr Verrückten als sonst. Ruhig bleiben, ist immer eine gute Idee.

:) schöne Idee, die Leute zu fragen, was sie so bei der Hitze machen.


und man begegnet mehr Verrückten als sonst.

ist auch mein Eindruck, v.a. im Strassenverkehr. Die Nerven liegen zunehmend blank. Hoffen wir mal, es liegt nur an den Temperaturen...

Schöne Idee mit der Fusskühlung :)

Once again a fine example of nice photography!
As this is the time of summer in the northern hemisphere of this world, Europe, Asia and other parts of this hemisphere are experiencing heat. With rising global temperature it is becoming very tough to bear so much heat these days. In my country, we have get a bit relief from the heat as the rainy season has come. However, many parts of the country are facing enormous heat with extensive humidity.
We do certain things to be safe from heat during summer:

  1. We drink a lot of water as water keeps our body cool and saves us from dehydration.
  2. When we go outside in scorching heat, we cover our body fully with cloths so that our body may not get overheated.
  3. We drinks lots of tradition beverages like butter milk, cold lemonade, bel (a kind of fruit) sharbat (juice), mint chutney, mango shake, almond shake etc. These things keep body temperature cool.
  4. We also eat lots of onions as it protects from heat stroke.

Also, I like to take bath in cold water. Sometimes I go to the rivers or channels and take bath there. The cold water there works miraculously.
However, I think we should plant as more trees as possible. We should avoid planting ornamental trees and plants because they are not very useful for small animals and birds. Instead of them we should plant fruit bearing trees. There is not substitute of green cover. Only trees can save us from the upcoming disastrous effects of global warming.

Wieder einmal haben wir uns den richtigen Augenblick für unseren Sommerurlaub an der Ostsee herausgesucht! Das Wasser tut gut aber vor allem der kühle Sand lässt den Körper etwas abkühlen.


Auch wenn ich gern grille und Fleisch esse, gibt es bei 35 Grad heute nur leichte Kost :-).


Haltet durch Ihr Lieben!!!


Sieht toll aus. Im Jahrhundertsommer 2003 war die Ostsee für mich auch die Rettung. Viel Vergnügen weiterhin!


Dankeschön :-)

Beautiful photographs
My best friend always say..."If I get rich, I will buy a house close to the ocean and watch nature daily".
Pertinent values of Oceans are enormous...You could get a bottle of wine with some meat or snack (Non-Vegeterian) and then relax close to the ocean
You shouldn't be relaxing with an Air conditional often to mitigate the heat. It could cause Leaukemia.
Holistically, nature's mode of relaxing is surebet and the best tricks
Evening stroll and a cold shower beforr and after strolling keeps you cool

Coping with the heat is not easy... But it can be fun to go to a pool, river, beach, drink sodas, beers and ice cream. I prefer the summer!

Klimaanlage! Ohne die geht hier bei uns nichts. Letztens hatten wir fast die ganze Nacht durch 30 Grad. Abkühlung gibt es wohl erst wieder im September.

Achso, baden geht natürlich auch. Aber jetzt kommen bald die Quallen, dann ist der Spaß auch vorbei.


Klimaanlage macht halt leider recht trockene Luft. Aber manchmal gehts halt nicht anders.


Draußen ist es bei uns so schwül, da kann ein bisschen trockener und dann zum Glück auch kühle Luft nicht schaden. Obwohl ich es lieber ohne hätte

I will enjoy the summer by soaking in the river And shelter under a lush tree


This sounds like a well thought-out plan!


Don’t fight the heat!
Embrace it!
The next winter is just around the corner.

In der Früh alle Zimmer gut durchlüften, danach die Rollos unter und du hast wunderbar kühle Zimmer wenn du von der Arbeit heim kommst
Warmen Tee trinken während des Tages, klingt verrückt, aber es hilft😌🤗

Hello friend shaka, as you well know I live in Venezuela and although it is raining now my habitat is high temperature, the best way for me is to keep the body hydrated with plenty of liquid, isotonic drinks, tea, water with little sugar, diets light and baths with warm water to relax the muscles. The photos you share today are very refreshing and just by seeing them you relax. Also waiting for your next adventure. Receive a great warm greeting. @Shaka

Wow! Your iPhone is better than mine! The photo is very crisp and clear!
Let me look at them again.
Yes, I could feel the waves making noises about having too many people there!

Such a nice idea! I mean your challenge! This will make your comment section very colourful indeed.

The heat here was dampened down with rain yesterday. But the humidity sent me into shopping mall to look at cute teddy bears and soft toys who seem to always smile for me! No one grumbled at all!


Luckily I live in an old house which dams the cold air inside pretty well. :)
Yesterday we were in the river right next to my house.. and found a lounger in the water which we then used to sit in..^^
On the way home we also found a blindworm lying on the asphalt and almost getting run over. He really couldn't move on that even underground.

I don't have any pictures of us sitting in the river (fuck off smartphones - who need those things anyway?) but am probably going to write about the blindworm today. :)

Have a nice day! Look out for a river! ;)


Smartphones are terrible beasts, indeed. I'll check in for the blindworm-story later :)

And I advise you to drink green tea with lemon.
And not hot , but cold.
It tones well and does not feel the heat.

Good samochuvstvie! And good mood, @shaka

Perfect weather for exploring the many watery treasures Austria has to offer :)


Indeed, water is your friend these days!


Happened to be at a lot of lakes/waterfalls the last days, guess you will get to see some of them :D

We recently stayed some days in the mountains. Its not that warm there and mostly a cool breeze going. If you have time and you like hiking I recommend you to go there.

My tricks in the summer, taking photos the same as you do🙂 maintain health by drinking lots of mineral water and eating more fruits and vegetables

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What better for hot days than going to the lake to enjoy the water, relax with a couple of beers or sodas in my case haha and some friends to make the time enjoyable! The photos look great thanks for sharing :)

COol, there is also sunny hot weather, so whenever I want to enjoy I eat ice cream and go to the sea side area 💞
let's beat the heat of summer ❣

Beach - Bear & Beauty

wow great place

Wellcome back @shaka.
You come back on blog after a long time.
And also with some amazing photography.
I am surprized to see your photography.
Thanks for sharing with us .
Best regards from sujonxr.

Very really wonderful photography
You are a good photographer, my friend
You are a very wonderful person


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Wow cool way of enjoying out there looks fun thanks for sharing about it :D beat the heat in style

Most welcome
Wow amazing photography.
Thanks for sharing....

great clicks #shaks

Beautyful superb click...great photography..keep it up my friend 😊

Wow what an amazing sight to see.
People tackling the heat together in the sea.

wao nice caption by iPhone 6s. very nice place. we will visit here

Hello@shaka,you have so much to do to keep you body cool . I like your picture, thank you for sharing ,have a nice weekend.

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Great photo, love the background