Art in Basel - Helvetia on the road

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Greetings Steemians

In today's post I would like to bring one of the many publicly accessible artworks in Basel to your screens, called Helvetia auf Reisen (Helvetia on the road).

Helvetia is a female figure and allegory who symbolizes the Swiss Confederation. Since the foundation of the Swiss federal state, she has been stamped on the Swiss franc coins in her typical appearance with spear and shield:

Helvetia minted on the Swiss 1-franc coin


The Bale artist Bettina Eichin had the idea of freeing Helvetia from her permanent solidification and created the sculpture Helvetia auf Reisen.


Now she sits on the Mittlere Brücke in Basel, having put aside spear, shield and suitcase. She seems tired from her journey and looks down the Rhine, deep in thoughts. A complex counter proposal to the glorified yet impersonal national icon.

No matter where one stands, it's impossible to catch a glimpse on Helvetia's face. This creates a special fascination since here actual mood is left to the observers imagination.





Thanks for watching and 'til next time!


Swiss Franc Coin Isolated on White, taken from my personal Adobe stock account. All other photos were recorded by myself with an iPhone 6S.

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Thank you for posting @shaka.

What a lovely subject.......such beautiful, artistic, thought provoking photographs with a history as does not get much better than that....does it?

Wishing you all the best.


Thanks for this little insight into the history of Switzerland, @shaka :) I have always known Switzerland is referred to as the "Country of the Helvetian Cross" but never really known the story behind that or who Helvetia was. Now I know! :)

Thank you! So, this is Helvetia and her story! I used to see her name on stamps on envelops as a child. My dad had lots of letters from Helvetia! Now I know it’s from Switzerland. I thought it was a country named Helvetia!!



Actually, Helvetien is also used as a name for Switzerland.


Thank you very much! I thought that Helvetia country was very beautiful with pictures of mountains and lakes on those stamps!


I have been told that Switzerland is a very clean city, this shots that you share today are very beautiful, in my virtual journey in addition to admire so much beauty I have also cultivated with the explanations and stories that you have done in each of your different publications, instants wonderful that if not through this network, I would not get to know once I had the opportunity to see that coin coined with the image of Helvetia, and that sculpture shows that they took her out of a cold place, they take her to see her as human he has already reached the twilight of life, and now he rests in Mittlere Brücke in Basel as if to say he fought for everything he owed now, only the eternal rest is left and he places his arms and shield in resting position. Excellent story and beautiful shots, I have the question why is not visualized face? grateful for teaching me a new knowledge. greetings | @shaka


I think you captured nicely the essence of this artwork, it's the transformation of an Icon into an actual human.

I have only spent a few days in Basel but there are some nice sights around the area and because the oldtown is quiet in the evenings, some good photo opportunities. Not far from the bridge is a good view of the river from a lookout next to a church on a ridge. Enjoy walking the hills :)


Not far from the bridge is a good view of the river from a lookout next to a church on a ridge

Maybe you mean the platform behind the Minster. That is indeed a great spot to get an impression on how the city is laid out along the Rhine.


That is the place. :)

That sculpture is really fascinating, it fits so well to the picture of the bridge, the whole appearance gives me impression that the figure is just would like a moment for itself but I have a feeling that she is thinking of may be jumping down into water. I am just wondering was there any incidents of people jumping from that point into water?


It's a bit difficult to see on the photos, but if one would jump from where Helvetia sits one would hit the road, not the water. However, sometimes people jump from the Mittlere Brücke in the Rhine for fun. Drop height is around 10 m or so. So it's doable.

Dear Shaka,
perfect photographs with breathtaking perspectives. It's exciting to see the city from your point of view. I came to your page by chance. I am happy for this Thank you for your excellent photo shoots and fluent travel article. Quite successful!
I'm sorry for my bad english

Tolle Bilder einer tollen Stadt. Und wie ich sehe hat der Rhein fast kein Wasser mehr... Schifffahrt eingestellt?
Toller helvetischer Bericht von Dir?
danke aus der weiten Ferne!

Mit lieben Grüssen aus der sonnigen Karibik!
Abenteuer und Reiseberichte aus der Dominikanischen Republik.


Stimmt, der Pegel ist recht niedrig. Ist mir gar nicht aufgefallen. Schiffe fahren aber noch.

Hi @shaka , sehr schöne Bilder , danke fürs teilen . Der Helvetia fehlt nur noch eine Angel in der Hand :-)) Ps Abo ist raus . lG unsuwe

What a awesome story! Great post! 👌💪🏻

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Shaka how are you? in truth in each of your publications I learn something new I did not know Helvetia, she looks tired

Look at this image at night

I saw her also accompanied by another important figure Geneva

What a wonderful time I've had traveling just absorbing the town. This really is a very effective way of slowing us all down, I think it's becoming more and more popular for good reason. Thank you for sharing.

We film natural gopro walks through soulful cities but it's lovely to see interesting places we may never get to go to too. I've subscribed and look forward to seeing more.

However, excellent place. clean. free from waste,dust and sewage problems and i like their culture. Credit goes to people of Switzerland.
Beautiful shots @shaka
Have a good day.
Steem on!

Waoo!!! Thanks for this. Helvetia auf Reisen is very awesome sculpture/statue. This is beautiful, it just seemed as if I was looking at it with in the real word. Very sophisticated photographs. I learned about the Swiss coin today.

thankyou for photography@shaka

impressive shots such a nice time you had thanks for sharing this extraordinary shots with us :)

Wow wonderful photography..and photographs are also amazing 👌

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Thanks for sharing all the great pictures!

Wow it's so quiet and i love it and clean also wish my city is like that but people here talk too much :D cairo. Egypt.

Beautiful photography @shaka

great artistic work... marvel of art.. art is really a music for those who listen...

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This is awesome specially the story behind is much amazing! Thanks for sharing this!

@shaka, For sure this is real art and in my opinion whoever will going to watch it, for sure they will try to create or imagine an Story.

Yes, if we carefully watch this then for sure it reflects as an art of worry and cluelessness and in my opinion it's truly reflecting as it's just happened.

And i want to say that this place have beautiful view and for sure these kind of places give that Breathtaking essence.

And this Bridge is really awesome to watch and in my opinion this Bridge is reflecting as part of those imaginative tale world.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Very interesting, thanks for sharing this beautiful statue: she struck me the way she abandoned shield, spear and luggage to stay in peace to admire the flowing water of the river. ;)

We visited Basel four or five years ago, I also ran along the Rhine but apparently, I missed Helvetia on the road... a good reason to come back?

A big kiss from Italy! :*

Magnificent sculpture and a good selection of photos !!!


Hello @shaka ! Love from India. Greetings to you.. such a amazing photography you did. Sclupture are too good to photography . He put all things behind him and see nature of river. What a thinking. Amazing..

Switzerland looks nice and clean and I like trash you like America not imigranti and Niger e looks really nice and clean and not piggish and what else is there no welfare people thank God.

itz all because their government work for them n their people cooperate with government . they aren't developed they are just living normal beautiful life , the actual life

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Beautiful! 😍

I still have my 5Fr. coin which I brought from Switzerland years ago. And I can tell you, it's one heavy coin. Nice photos from Basel, @shaka.

Great art !!

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Just learned something new, I've never heard of Helvetia before. Thanks for sharing!


She looks so sad :(

great buddy

Wow, absolutely amazing photograph.
I really like this picture.
Beautiful technique of photography.

Great photos, @shaka
I really liked the amazing images of beautiful architecture.
Have a great holiday!