Summer Vacation and Just Being a Kid (sigh...) - Day 21 of 365 in a Newborn Baby's Life

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Day 21 of 365:

Today, the kids woke up and decided to do this before breakfast:

They geared up and put on their Halloween costumes. Yes, we already bought them costumes a few months ago. We saw them on clearance at the Disney store for like $12 each. We couldn't resist the savings. They grabbed their generic non-licensed lightsabers ($15) and went into full kid mode.

I was great to watch them just 'play.' This is how I did summer vacation as a kid. Just using my imagination and figuring out how to have fun with what I had or things around the house. Remember those days?

This vacation, I resisted to over-scheduling them for back to back to back summer camps. It is too expensive and they are already over scheduled during the school year. Their school is very competitive/demanding even in the 2nd/3rd grade. It is like training little adults. So, I believe summer break is the time they should wind down and just be kids. We are lucky to have this option since I am a stay at home dad. Plus, they are lucky to have each other only one year apart in age. So, I'm a happy geek father today as this is exactly the stuff I want them to do during the summer.

I got them to have a momentary galactic truce so I could take a quick snapshot.

It was a good morning, the wife even made pancakes.

Here's the daily portrait of the baby for future timelapse:

Thanks for following along with us.

Here are the last two days in case you missed it.

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Hahaha I love this! I'd love to be a kid again - n worries and a World of possibilities. There's no limit to your imagination!

world of possibilities, I like that. I'm gonna tell them that today. See ya @sjennon!

Haha. I remember my parents or any 'elder' saying that. All I wanted to do is grow up so I could make my own decisions. I guess everyhting comes with a price :)

Agreed. i felt the same way.

Wow Rudy I loved the pictures all of them they are wonderful and I love seeing your girls having such a good time 😊 💥 may the force be with them💥💥

Thank you. I was just doing a quick fun post for the day before we head off to the zoo. May the force be with you as well! See ya tomorrow. Taking a steemit day off. Phew....

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