Japanese Wedding Portrait - Meiji Temple Tokyo

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I took this image of a bride and groom on their wedding day in Japan. It was taken on a Sunday morning at Meiji Temple in Harajuku, Tokyo.


My friends that live in Japan told me that it is very rare for a tourist to get a glimpse of the ceremony or even a picture like this. It was just lucky timing as we were just strolling the temple grounds doing our tourist thing.

A big crowd started to form. The bride and groom were walking with their entire procession into the temple. I don't have any images of the procession because I thought it would be rude to have my shutter firing off like paparazzi. I think a lot of people respected the ceremony and did not act like tourist jackasses to disturb the moment. It was really quiet for such a crowded place. You could hear their foot steps on the loose gravel. It sure was something to see. They passed and went out of sight into a part of the temple that was off limits to tourist. We just kept exploring the temple grounds.

Some time later, my wife and friends alerted me that the bride and groom came out so everyone could take pictures.

The bride and her kimono had spectacular colors. The groom was so proud and very regal like. They just stood there almost like celebrities. It was odd but cool at the same time.

I waited my turn and respectfully asked for their permission to come in closer. I fired off three shots and this one was the best.


I wish I knew their names so I could share it with them.

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nice photos, i went to this temple 2 years ago

I am glad you liked them @djohan. Cool to know you got to visit and experience it. I can't wait to go back.

Have you seen this kind of wedding? lol

I like VR but what!? Now I have seen everything. That is why the Japanese population will be extinct. http://metro.co.uk/2016/09/13/japans-sex-crisis-could-cause-the-whole-country-to-go-extinct-6125001/

I have been to Tokyo 3 times, but still want to come back. I haven't visited the sumo museum

Great story and nice photos. Thanks for sharing that with us. Taking a look at other cultures can be inspiring.

Thanks @brothermic. I was just lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. Japanese culture is very beautiful. I daydream about living there some day. Cheers

Japan is one of the few countries I could easily see myself living one day...such friendly people and extremely rich traditional culture. Unfortunately I haven't seen any weddings when visiting...I did see a wedding shoot on top of the hill in Nara but I think they were visiting from abroad as the couple didn't seem Japanese but rather Taiwanese...

I saw a wedding in Meji when I went in 2013. I'll post sime Meiji pictures later. It is amazing to catch something like that.

Ah cool @feelsomoon. I am looking forward to seeing them. Cheers!

I've been looking at photos and posting a few Meiji ones. I can't find the wedding photos but maybe I will as I sort out the old memories. Check them out if you'd like.

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