The Tree Cemetery of the Monaro Plains

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Monaro Plains-4797.jpg

The Tree Cemetery are a unique landscape on the Monaro Plains that you would see when going from Cooma to Jindabyne, a popular location for accomodations when going to the ski resorts on the Snowy Mountains in NSW, Australia.

After five years of telling myself I should bring my camera and stop on the side of the road, I have finally done it. As we drove through the location, I spotted a couple walking around their car in a large safe area and made a U-Turn and parked behind them. The main issue is that the tree cemetery was surrounded by fences as you can see in the photograph below, so taking wide shot is not always possible without seeing the fence or power cables.

Monaro Plains-4800.jpg

I suppose the fence are mainly for the cattle and as I discovered the hard way, they were electric fences. Against one of the fence was some large boulders and people have been stepping on the wires to get onto the boulder to take photos from inside. I decided to go across too and received a little electric shock when the powered wire touched my leg through my trousers. That wasn't that bad but it made me jump a little 😱, that was the price to pay to get the following shots.

Monaro Plains-4794.jpg

Monaro Plains-4795.jpg

I initially thought those trees were just dormant due to the winter season but I later on discovered that they were actually dead, all of them. It was a tree graveyard. They have been destroyed by attacks of weevil. Normally, the trees would defend themselves, but for some reasons, their immune system was compromised. Maybe due to a long period of drought.

Monaro Plains-4810.jpg

Monaro Plains-4798.jpg

But what caught my eyes when I first saw the landscape isn't just the dead trees but it was also the fact that the whole area was scattered with various sizes of granite boulders. I was imagining it like a playground for giants and the boulders were gravels.

Monaro Plains-4799.jpg

It is sinister and beautiful at the same time. I've read about a program to try to reverse the effect by replanting the area but I haven't seen any shrubs during my visit but it could have been trialed in another area.

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Yay for finally doing a thing you always said you would do but didn't until then XD We had a similar thing where we would often drive past this memorial site thing for one of the light horse cavalries and always said we would stop in and check it out but there were always excuses not to. One day the timing was right and we did and it was interesting and I managed to step in a giant horse turd and it was hell to clean off x_x (at least it didn't stink as bad as dog turd)

What derp drew on the rock?!

That's some pretty striking landscape, the poor dead trees still look very impressive. And I seriously love the rocks in this country.

It’s so easy to postpone things heh. lol, lucky it’s just horse turd indeed. I regularly handle them as I collect them for the worms, I don’t mind going barehands sometimes but dog’s, no way...

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received a little electric shock when the powered wire touched my leg through my trousers.

One of the advantages us Asians have is that these types of accidents are less likely to do any serious damage down there

Should I laugh or should I cry?
😂😂😂 😭😭😭

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Plants or should i say trees are just like human beings. They are living things. They need something to survive if not they also gonna die

Good post

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Nice post and also every steemians should know that his password should be kept safe

The blue sky where touches the ground looks awesome here.

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